WinRAR Encryption Tricks to Make It More Secure

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Before going to recover RAR password, you need to learn something important about WinRAR encryption. This article will show you how to make strong WinRAR encryption to make it more secure.

When you downloaded a rar file and apparently it is password protected,Guest Posting you will look for some possible way to extract it? Before going to recover RAR password, you need to learn something important about WinRAR encryption. There are provided 3 kinds of tricks about this issue.

Trick one: A strong password

You may know that, WinRAR password recovery tools can recover all rar passwords theoretically, but in fact, as a strong password require a very long password recovery time (months or years), you still can protect your rar file securely with strong password.

A strong password should have at least eight characters that consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.). It should not only include the common letters and symbols on the keyboard, but also have seldom used ones. Strong passwords also do not contain words that can be found in a dictionary or parts of the file name.

Trick two: Password in other languages

As said above, we usually set English letters in the password, have you thought that we can use other languages? When setting rar password, try to include Japanese in the password. When rar file asks you to enter the password, you may find that you cannot enter Japanese letters. Don't worry. Input password in a txt file and then copy it to the password box.

Most WinRAR password recovery tools cannot recover password like that. So take care of the password; once you forget it, just give up the attempts to reopen it.

Trick three: Encrypt insignificant file with the target file

When WinRAR password recovery tools recover rar password, generally they work on a target file, and adopt brute force attack to guess the password.

If we compress many files together, and then give them passwords respectively, no password recovery software will be valid for it.

Specific operation as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the important file (1.xlsx) you want to encrypt in rar and insignificant file (2.xlsx).

Step 2: Compress and encrypt the insignificant file (2.xlsx). Note: Do not encrypt file names.

Step 3: Open the rar file, click Commands in file menu and choose Add files to archive.

Step 4: Add the important file (1.xlsx), and go back to Archive name and parameters.

Step 5: In Advanced tab, set a different password. Click OK, and close rar file.

You will find that, when you input password of 1.xlsx to extract the rar archive, only 1.xlsx will be extracted; when you input password of 2.xlsx, only 2.xlsx will be extracted.

You may also try to use a WinRAR or RAR password recovery tool to retrieve its password. The result is that it will only find password for 2.xlsx, and the password of important file (1.xlsx) cannot be recovered.

In this way, the data of 1.xlsx is securely protected.

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