How to Write Persuasive Copy in 3 Steps

Jul 19


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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Learning how to write persuasive copy is a very important component of your online marketing success!
Read on to see the 3 primary areas you want your advertising copy to address in a way that will increase your sales!

Learning how to write persuasive copy is a very important component of your online marketing success! Take heart however since writing effective advertising copy is more an acquired skill than a natural talent. The objective is to simply get people to read your entire message in order for your efforts to produce the sales increase you are looking for! Our discussion below will review the 3 critical areas you want your advertising copy to target,How to Write Persuasive Copy in 3 Steps Articles and in what order, for your efforts to be most effective!


President Bill Clinton coined a phrase back in the 80's that sums it up best, I feel your pain! This is what you want to convey to your readers in order to first simply engage them in the advertising copy in front of them! Remember your message is useless unless people read it therefore you need to relate to their needs, wants, or desires to get their attention. Empathize with their situation and in this way you will capture their ear and keep them on your page!


Now that you have successfully engaged your reader by showing them you understand their situation you present your solution. This is where you explain how what you have to offer will solve their problem and also how it will do so. Using logic and rationalization you methodically present your suggested solution explaining why and how it will work for the viewer! This approach helps viewers to make a more 'logical' decision increasing their willingness to make the purchase. Their decision obviously results in a sales increase for you and hopefully a satisfied customer as well!


Here is where you 'close the sale' but do not be intimated into thinking you must use high pressured and pushy tactics. Simply remind people of what they have already read while focusing on the benefits they stand to gain by acquiring the product you have to offer. It is important to get them to take action while they are still on the page since once they leave you likely will never see them again!

It is important to learn how to write persuasive advertising copy that will sway viewers into buying the products and/or services you offer. In fact this acquired skill is at the core of your online marketing success and should be something you learn as quickly as possible. The discussion above focuses on the 3 key aspects you want to address and how to do so when composing any advertising copy. Quite simply you must first show people you can relate to their situation to keep their interest. By doing so you can then deliver your promotional message which is the ONLY way you can expect to experience a sales increase. Much like the mail, if your letter is never delivered the time invested in writing it was completely wasted!

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