The Best Way To Write A Sales Flyer

Jun 5


Phil McCumskey

Phil McCumskey

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Aggressive marketing of your products or services in today’s competitive business world is a given. But how can you do this effectively?


One method, The Best Way To Write A Sales Flyer Articles which still proves to be very successful, is by writing and distributing a ‘sales flyer.’ It’s an excellent way to reach a large audience and introduce them to your product or services. If it includes a price reduction or an exciting special offer, even better.

Your flyer should be short, simple and be drafted bearing in mind the following four key elements:

~ Getting your audience’s ATTENTION

~ Holding your audience’s INTEREST

~ Creating a strong DESIRE for your audience to respond, and

~ Impelling your audience to take positive ACTION


Your flyer’s headline is arguably the most important aspect. If you capture the attention of your audience right up front then they will read on.



This kind of headline almost guarantees that you’ll generate  maximum attention. It includes a bold statement and uses very simple but effective copy. Your audience is sure to read on.

Note: An effective headline is one that strongly influences your audience to read on in the belief that your product or service may be of benefit to them.


Okay, so your headline has done the trick. Now it’s time to focus on the body of your message. Remember, you need to keep their interest throughout so they don’t throw your flyer into the bin before finishing. Carefully select each word and phrase and keep your sentences simple, clear, and effective.


“Plansorb’s powerful wicking action absorbs spills quickly and easily. No “high-tech” application or equipment is needed and it leaves no messy residue behind.”

Be truthful. True statements together with sincerity and enthusiasm are very powerful tools. Don’t make exaggerated claims. The sentence above is a powerful motivator, telling your audience, in a sincere and positive way, what the product does and how easy it is to use.

“Testimonials” are another very powerful tool. Quoting someone else who has successfully used your product and can vouch for its effectiveness is very appealing to an audience.


“Here’s what Peter Garrett, Production Manager for the large UK chain, Trellint, had to say about Plansorb.

‘We recently experienced a workshop floor flooded with engine oil and a dangerous petrol spill. Our workshop staff used Plansorb and in no time at all this easily applied product soaked up these spillages. We now keep a supply of Plansorb on hand in case something like this happens again.’”   

It’s important to use a pleasant tone and conversational manner in your message as this makes it more believable. Avoid long words and complicated sentences. Get personal. If you can make your audience feel like you’re talking to them personally rather than to thousands of others, success is more likely. Something like the sentence below works well.


“…And now, we’re offering you, our valued customer, a fantastic 30-day discount price that you’ll find hard to refuse!” 

In addition, concentrate on the money-, labour-, and time-saving benefits of your product instead of on fancy features.


“It’s lightweight for easy handling and low transportation costs and is non-harmful to machinery and equipment”

 “….. in no time at all, the application, which is easily applied, soaked up all of these spillages.”  


After you’ve told your audience about your product you need to instil in them a strong desire to buy. The most effective way to do this is to concentrate on ‘product benefits.’


“Plansorb is non-toxic and safe to use. This versatile product absorbs a wide range of organic chemicals on land and in water. It’s lightweight for easy handling and low transportation costs.”

Hopefully by now, your sales flyer should have your audience ready to place their orders. 


Now you must include a direct, clear, and unambiguous ‘call to action.’  Although this seems obvious it’s amazing how many people forget to do this.


“Plansorb, packed in 25 litre containers, is normally priced at £66-25 plus vat. But if you order in the next 30 days, we’ll let you have a 25 litre container for just £46-00 plus vat.... and we’ll include FREE delivery.

To place your orders, please phone Barbara on ……”

Create a sense of urgency in your message. By strongly suggesting that your audience respond without delay, you’ll motivate them to act in the moment… like now! In addition, any offer of a bonus or discount will be added motivation. The promise of a refund if they’re not entirely satisfied is also a good idea. Here’s a good example.


“If you order more than one container, the price gets even better at just £42-00 plus vat… once again we’ll throw in delivery, FREE of charge.

….And if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of Plansorb, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!”

There you have it… four key elements to help you write a successful sales flyer.