Colors and Color Charts for Attractive Web Design

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Color Charts for Attractive Web Design

Color or Color:
Color and color are used to mean same,Guest Posting but Britain English spells Color instead of Color. A secondary color is made up of varying amounts of primary colors, which are Red, Green, Blue. These are called primary colors, because these cannot be prepared when other colors are mixed. But when one mixes primary colors, in different proportions, one can obtain other secondary colors.
Website Design with Color:
Having a colorful website adds sophistication to your company image. Web designers must be aware of permissible hue codes that can be used safely. Out of 256 colors that can be used to display when using an 8 bit system, there are around 216 colors that can be displayed correctly by all systems, MAC and PC's included.
One should be careful enough, to check if color codes used are identified by Netscape and Internet Explorer in the same way. Since around 40 color codes were not same for both browsers, these are not considered as web safe colors and one must be careful enough to avoid them in their website design.
What are Color Codes:
A code to represent the color that's used uniformly everywhere, hexadecimal code is deployed. Some web designers may choose decimal hue codes, to achieve the same. This code, is used as an attribute in HTML tags, or in syntax used for a web page design language chosen.
Coding for a HTML page is no child's play and using these codes for a colorful website, needs knowledge of every color code, which might be difficult since there are 216 of them. But one can refer a color chart, which is an easier option.
What are Hexadecimal Codes:
Understanding a hexadecimal code for hue representation is easy. A typical code example is presented here. A yellow color, has only red and green without a trace of blue and is represented as #FFFF00 first pair (FF) represents a decimal value of 255 for Red color and next pair of FF is for Green which is also at highest level, while the last pair is 00 for Blue. Hence each pair represents value of color, in actual resultant hue of the combination.
Graphic Tools for Web designing:
These days, there are many graphic tools that can be used to design a website and this necessitates that one learns about syntax, for every graphic tool and how to add hue to their website through this tool. A HTML syntax for using hue may be different from the one using XHTML, or CSS for a Web page.
This makes it more important that one uses a standard chart for colors, for reference and overcomes difficulties of website design. These 216 colors are called web safe colors. Many  websites, provide chart for hue codes.
It can be decimal color code, or hexadecimal color code, everything depends on which one you are using for web design, and hence choosing a color chart  that has both hexadecimal and decimal reference values in chart, is necessary.

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