Vedic Astrology Part 29 The 36 Decanantes

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About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe

                                The definition of a Decanate or Drekkana   The 30 degrees Sign divided by 3 is a decanate. The decanates are very important in V A.   A decanate ( Drekkana in Sanskrit ) is 1/3 rd of a house. The first Drekkana is,Guest Posting therefore, 0 to 10 degrees, the  second decanate is 10 to 20 degrees & the third decanate is 20 to 30 degrees. Since each Sign has 3 decanates, there are 36 decanates in all. Check out which Drekkana your Ascendant falls in. Look at the Ascending Degree and check where it falls. Also you can read the Drekkana of your Dasa lord. See where the Dasa ruler is posited. Check the decanate.  These symbolic representations are closely  related to your Fate.   The first decanate of any sign is ruled by the owning planet, second decanate by the 5th lord and the third decanate by the 9th lord. For example, the first decanate of Aries is ruled by Mars, the second decanate is owned by Sun and the third decanate is owned by Jupiter.   The first decanate of Aries ruled by Mars   The first Drekkana of Aries represents a dark complexioned  man with a white cloth round his waist, liberal minded, ready to don the garb of the Redeemer, oriented to protect, with awesome  red eyes & with a lifted axe. This is a human decanate and an armed decanate.   Since the first  decanate  of Aries is  rising, the native's fortunes  are subject to  vicissitudes. They  will gain  from  marriage, property and rural industries. They  are meticulous and cautious in approach. They should contain anger and Ego as these negative elements can destroy them. They  are able  exploit circumstances to their benefit &  gain thereby. The important years in their life are 18,28,36,42,46 & 50. The second decanate of Aries ruled by the Sun   The second Drekkana of Aries is described as representing a woman with a pot belly. attired in a red cloth, horse faced, a lover of food & ornaments, single footed & thirsty.  This is a female decanate   Since the  second decanate  of Aries is rising they  maintain  that End Justifies  the Means and  go all out  for Wealth. They  show off and people  get the  impression  that they  are richer than what they really are. They should control the base passions like Anger & envy. The  important  years in  their life are 20, 24, 29, 36, 47,56 & 61. The third decanate of Aries ruled by Jupiter    The third Drekkana of Aries represents a  yellow complexioned man, festooned in cruelty, with artistic skill, a workaholic, unscrupulous, with an irate temparament, with lifted-up stick, clad in purple clothes.   This is an armed decanate and human.   Since the  third  decanate of Aries is rising  they  have entreprenaurial ability. They  generate enemies who are powerful.  They  become lucky in financial dealings as they  combine  both risk and  caution. They should control their negative aspect as it can destroy them. The most  important  years  in  their life are 21, 25, 31, 34 ,36, 42, 4551 &  52.   The first decanate of Taurus ruled by Venus    The first decanate of Taurus represents a woman with torn ringlets, pot bellied, with fiery clothes, hungry & thirsty, with a penchant for gold and food. This is a female decanate and fiery.  As the first  decanate  of  Taurus is rising  they  have  heavy expenditure  commensurate  with  income. They  spend  all  that they  have  as  they  believe  that  money  is  for comforts. They  have to take care not  to  get  into  debts.  They should also control their anger. Their  dependents  hardly get anything. The most  important years  in  their  life  are  21, 23, 31,42, 51, 65 & 68.   The second decanate of Taurus ruled by Mercury   The second Drekkana of Taurus represents a man possessing a discriminative intellect, with good knowledge of lands, grains, houses, cows, arts, ploughing and carts, hungry, sheep faced, dirty clothes and shoulders like the hump of an  ox. This is a human decanate . Also an agriculturist's. Since the second  decanate  of Taurus is rising  they  are likely to practice  thrift and be  careful  with their  money. They  follow the principle  " Economy is Prudence " . The world may condemn them  as misers. They  miss  good  opportunities  as  they  are  meticulous in investing money. The  important  years in their life are  17, 21, 2433, 50 & 55.   The third decanate of Taurus ruled by Saturn   The 3rd Drekkana of Taurus represents by an elephant bodied man, with expertise in capturing deer & sheep, yellow compexioned, with mental tension supreme, white teeth, with speedy legs like that of Sarabha. This is a human decanate.   Since the third  decanate  of Taurus  is  rising they  may not  gain happiness from  wealth. They  may  experience  difficulties as  age advances and the need for money  becomes more.  They  are advised to practice thrift and be  cautious  as they  have  a tendency to give away money. The important  years in  their life are  18, 22, 26, 31, 3542, 51 & 57.   The first decanate of Gemini ruled by Mercury   The First Drekkana of Gemini represents a female fond of needlework, with a beauty equalling that of Rambha or Helen, without any issues , with a penchant for ornamentation, with lifted hands & in menses. This is a female decanate. Since the first decanate of  Gemini  is rising they  will be subject to dire  vicissitudes. Their  fortune  will be influenced by women. At the age of 30 and after they  will control big sums of money. They  should  be  careful  not  to   fall  a  prey  to  litigation.  The important years in their life are 16, 23, 30, 45 & 56. The second decanate of Gemini ruled by Venus    The Second Drekkana of Gemini represents a man, living in garden, well armoured , with a bow, warlike, armed with weapons, face like that of a Bird and fond of play, children, ornamentation and wealth. This is a human decanate and and a Bird decanate.  Since the second  decanate of  Gemini is rising they  will shine  in business and not in  service. Since  they  spend a lot they may not save  enough  for  old age. In spite  of  good IQ  they  may have to countenance losses. They should not allow themselves to be exploited. The important years in their life  are  19, 23, 25, 29, 32, 36, 43 46 & 49. The third decanate of Gemini ruled by Saturn   The 3rd Drekkana of Gemini represents a man adorned, with knowledge and expertise in Poesis,  Aesthetics & Rhetoic, dancing, festooned in gems and jewellery, superbly decorated in gems, armed to the teeth, armoured with quiver and bow, & a master poet.    Since the third  decanate  of Gemini is rising  they  use  their good intellect and make money. They  are not  likely to succeed in speculation. They  may have to  face  litigation during their 45th or 46th year. The important  years in  their  life are 24,29, 33, 35, 41, 47, 59 60 & 62. The first decanate of Cancer ruled by Moon   The first Drekkana of Cancer represents a man, pig faced, apparelled in fruits, roots & leaves, elephant bodied residing on sandal trees in  the forest, with speedy legs and horse necked. Know that this is a quadruped Drekkana.   Since the first decanate  of Cancer is  rising they  are thrifty and careful with money. They  follow the  principle  Economy is Prudence In fact society may dub them  as misers. Their  wealth will be subject to dire  vicissitudes. The important years  are  17, 24, 29, 31, 39, 49 and 52. Most probably they  will gain by private enterprise.   The second decanate of Cancer ruled by Mars    The second Drekkana of Cancer represents a youthful female crowned with lotus flowers & serpents, in her first virginal blossom, inhabiting forests , crying holding a branch of a tree in a forest.  Know that this is a serpentine decanate.  Since the  second  decanate of Cancer is rising Lady luck does not smile on them  in  financial  matters.  The  very  fact that they  are kind & generous is a handicap to save money. They  should avoid risk in investments .They  may lose  money   due to  litigation. The  most important years in  their life are 18, 27, 34, 44, 53 & 60. The third decanate of Cancer ruled by Jupiter   The third Drekkana of Cancer represents a man covered with serpents, adorned with many golden ornaments, with a face flattened, crossing the ocean in a boat in order to make his wife rich and adorned with  gold and jewellery.  This is a serpentine decanate, human & watery. Since the third decanate  of Cancer is rising they  are  careless in money matters generally.  In  advanced  years  loss   of  economic position and money  are likely.  Their  fortunes are subject to dire vicissitudes. They  always find it  difficult to manage their financIal matters. The most important years in life are 19, 26, 33, 36 & 45   The first decanate of Leo ruled by Sun   The First Drekkana of Leo represents a creature who is a cross between vulture and a jackal, a dog and a man dressed in dirty clothes, a creature who is away from its parents, and crying. This is a human decanate, quadruped, Bird decanate & generally sorrowful. Since the first  decanate  of  Leo is rising  by  their  merits and efforts they  make money. They  spend as much as they earn. They do well trading in clothes & food. They  may have bouts of bad luck in their professional  sphere. The important  years in life are 21, 26, 31, 33, 38, 43, 50 & 54. The second decanate of Leo ruled by Jupiter   The second Drekkana of Leo represents a man resembling a horse's body, long and powerful. crowned with white garlands , appareled in clothes to make it warm, with Krishna Mriga, with a flat nose, with a leonine fierceness, with a bow in the hand . This is an armed human decanate.   Since the  second  decanate of Leo is rising  their main interests are  writing, literature, poetry,  art, music  and journalism. These areas  can  also  become  their profession.  They  unnecessarily earn the  frown  of  their superiors and  they suffer thereby.  Moderate finances. The most important years are 26,31, 36, 45, 53, 54 &  56.   The third decanate of Leo ruled by Mars   The 3rd Drekkana of Leo represents a man with a face that of a bear and monkey, with a monkeyish character, long beard, curbed ringlets and holding fruits, flesh & stick. This is a quadruped & an armed decanate.   Since the third decanate of Leo is rising they  will do well in the professional sphere. Unexpected  ways bring in  money. They  do well in intellectual fields as well as in export  business. They  are good at contract work. The most important  years in  their life are 20, 25, 30, 33, 38, 43 & 48.   The first decanate of Virgo ruled by Mercury    The First Drekkana of Virgo represents a virgin holding a pot full of flowers, appareled in dirty raiments, fond of money and clothes and going to the house of the Guru or Initiator. This is a female decanate.    Since the first decanate of Virgo is rising  they are  workaholics & earn their wealth due to hard  work. They have to curb their excessive penchant for Money and the pleasures of the mundane. They  have to avoid risks & avoid speculative business. Loss is likely  during the latter part of  their  life.  They  may  be  subject to deception and fraud. The  important years in their life are 18, 2, 30, 36, 42, 49 & 55.   The second decanate of Virgo ruled by Saturn    The Second Drekkana of Virgo represents a man with a bow & a pen in the hand, dark complexioned, crowned by a cloth, always counting debit and credit, with dense hair all over the body. This is an armed decanate & a male one.  Since the second  decanate of  Virgo is rising their financial condition will be  OK. If  they  minimize  unnecessary  risks  they  are likely  to  amass   considerable  wealth.     They  practice  thrift and are careful in fiscal matters.  Jupiter's  transit  of  Cancer, Aquarius &  Scorpio  will  be  important  fiscally.    The  most important  years in their life are 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 49 & 55.   The third decanate of Virgo ruled by Venus    The third Drekkana of Virgo represents a virgin, yellow complexioned, appareled majestically in a white cloth, with good height, holding a pot and a spoon, going to a divine place of worship in a purified state. This is a female decanate.   Since the  third  decanate of Virgo is rising they  will be successful in the first half of life in fiscal matters. Many problems may have to be faced as wastage of money creates them. Disappointments stare  them in the face. Better eschew speculation.  The important years of their life are 20, 26, 32, 35, 40, 44 & 50. The first decanate of Libra ruled by Venus   According to Yavanas, the First Drekkana of Libra, represents a man holding Scales or balances, thinking of his capital and goods, seated in a shop in the middle of the road, with expertise in weighing, and thinking to sell his goods & services. This is an urban and a male decanate. Since the first  decanate  of Libra is rising  money from business ventures & legal occupations will come to them. Extravagance  comes to the fore & they may indulge in luxury.  They  have to  understand that speculative ventures are generally harmful. The most important years in their life are 17, 24, 31, 33, 40, 43 & 57. The second decanate of Libra ruled by Saturn    The middle Drekkana of Libra represents a vulture faced man  hungry and thirsty, holding a pot which is ready to fall and thinking of his wife and children. This is a Bird decanate and human.   Since the second decanate of  Libra is rising  they  have to prepare to face dire  vicissitudes. Many feel that they  have  resorted to unfair methods to grab  money. They  can if you try make  money out of literature .  Beware  of  unnecessary  expenses.  They  are  not interested  in  the orthodox  ways of  making money. The importantyears in their life are 15, 22, 24, 29, 31, 36, 42, 44 & 51.   The third decanate of Libra ruled by Mercury    The third Drekkana of Libra represents a man, decked with  gems, wearing golden quiver and armour and frightening  the animals in the wilderness, resembling a monkey and holding  in the hand fruits and flesh.  Since the third  decanate  of  Libra  is  rising they  have fiscal success. They have  an  aptitude for hotel management. They love music  and  the  fine arts. They  may have to struggle hard in early life.  Their  life  will be marked  by  sudden  elations. The  most important years in their life are 16,18, 23, 25, 27, 32, 39, 46 & 53.

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