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Gaining self confidence around women often involves using simple tricks and techniques.  In this article, you'll discover an easy way you quickly build self esteem when you're talking to a woman.

There is ONE universal truth to all guys…

EVERY guy gets nervous before he approaches a woman and initiates a conversation.  In fact the fear of approaching is probably the biggest obstacle we face towards meeting and dating beautiful women.  The true masters of seduction are the ones who can quickly deal with this fear and approach without hesitation.  

In fact the ability to deal with nervousness separates the men from the boys!  Unlike a lot of men,Guest Posting masters of seduction can quickly squash their nervousness and can confidently approach with confidence.

Now there are a number of tricks you can use to eliminate your nervousness.  But in this tip, I want to focus on a simple technique you can use TODAY to reduce your nervousness.

Simply put, a great technique you can use is called "Visualization".  When you use this technique, you can imagine your success then go out and achieve it!

It's actually a fairly easy concept to learn…  

Just sit quietly for a few minutes each day and make a picture in your head about approaching women.  In this "pre-scripted movie" you picture yourself approaching women confidently and instantly attracting them.  Then you envision their positive reactions to everything you're saying and how they're interested in what you have to say.

Visualization works because you're coaching yourself into being confident around women.  Furthermore, the mind doesn't remember the difference between reality or imagination.  If you're constantly using visualization, you'll convince yourself that you're a master at approaching women.

So if you're having trouble or feeling nervous around women, try to use visualization to eliminate this condition.  I guarantee you'll quickly see a dramatic increase in your success with girls.

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