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Impressing a girl is nothing more than showing her the greatest love and concern so ever. Impressing a girl may differ from one girl to another since as humans, our likes and dislikes differ from one person to the other and this is the same reason why saying one thing to a girl will certain mean something different to another.

For example,Guest Posting saying "i love you" to a girl especially as the first sentence for the first time can provoke her while using this statement to another will definitely mean that she is loved and impressed by you.

The process of impressing a girl is very easy. Making a girl feel impressed even for the first time is neither a magical science nor buying her the most expensive gift nor something no one ever does. To certain extend, all they need is just for you to feed them with love, care and concern. This is how to impress a girl  Today, I will be giving you some few tips on how to impress a girl even if you were a shy person. Below are some directive steps that will act as some kind of a start in the process. The steps below will explain all you need to know in the process of impressing a girl:
  • Where does she need help? One common trait among girls is that they love to see their guys/boyfriends showing some level of concern in their activities. So how can you show this to her? How can you show her that you like doing what she likes? How can you support in her affairs? It’s simple! Just reflect on her activities and see where she needs support/help, and appear to be some kind of assistance/help to her there. It may range from her social life, financial issues, to even her school works. Just volunteer to support her any way you can as doing this impresses her.
  • Praise her in front of others: Another way on how to impress a girl or make her feel happy or important is by raising her above others. I don’t actually mean lifting her in the air. What I mean is that; when you guys are around your friends or hers, always try boosting about her and her prestige or openly express your love to others in her presence. By doing this, she will be impressed. This is so because almost every girl likes to know that they come first in the minds of their guys/boyfriends.
  • Giving her gifts on important dates: Another method on how to impress a girl is by always remembering special dates in her life such as birth dates, baptism, and dates of certain important activities. It is not easy to flatter a girl just by persuading her all around with the "i love you" thing and expect she will be happy/impressed with that. In most cases this will not work except you do something different which reflects your seriousness. This can only be done by sending her gift, present, or writing a letter to her on such important days. This will not only amaze her for the gift but also that you care enough as to recall their birth dates as well.
  • Take your girl out: If this is the first time of asking her out, then take her to somewhere cool. Without wasting much of her time, express your desire at once. This is nothing new as she knew this before coming. In fact, this is one of her purpose there; to hear you express your love. Remember that not all girls will be willing to go out, but the majority will if you appear to give adequate reasons for taking them out.
  • Get to know her better: In order not to impress her the wrong way, you must know certain things about her. Usually this will have to do with her behavior and other factors such as who she is, what she likes, her good moments, what she likes talking about, who her friends are etc. On the other hand, you also have to know those things that provoke her anger or that can cause her to frown at you. You can still know all these factors by monitoring her unconscious activities when around her. Knowing this will not only impress her but in certain situations, it will also make her to believe you’re caring enough as to know things about her without having to ask (sign of concern). By also knowing this, you will know how to impress and make her feel happy.
Final words on impressing a girl

As you can see above, impressing a girl is not all about chasing them ups and downs with the “I love you” thing. No. It’s all about proving to them that you care enough and this can’t be word of the mouth but action.

This therefore means that; do what they want you to (not madness), always be there for them, say just what they want to hear, take them to the right places, call them by their names, kiss them, shower them with gifts, take them for a ride/walk around, tell them good stories etc. You don’t necessarily have to do all this but do the ones that you’re up to, right?

If you follow the above steps, your chances of impressing a girl will increase. Even after doing this and she remains usual, don’t worry because deep down her mind, she’s impressed with you.

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