How to Meet Women During the Day

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Meeting and picking up women during the day can present a challenge to a lot of guys.  In this article, you’ll learn a few techniques you can use to approach and pick up women during the day. 

Winter days are short enough without you wasting them home alone. If you're looking for someone to help you heat up this season,Guest Posting why not try a pick up a woman during the dayOf course, there's a lot to be said for the traditional late night hook up. Meeting in boozy bars can help to ease both sets of nerves, and it goes without saying that you're about to head to bed. The only question is: are you going there together?And that can be the problem. If you're both busy wondering will we or won't we, it can be hard to think about anything else. Flirting is supposed to be fun, but with sex looming large, all you can feel is the pressure to pull.Daytime dates take that pressure away.Dressed in your (best) everyday clothes, you'll feel more like yourselves.With the option of inventing prior engagements, you know escape can be easily made.And, if things are going well, there are no obvious deadlines by which to make a move. With closing time many, many hours away, chances are you'll feel much more relaxed, flirt more effectively, and make a better impression. Somewhat ironically, by taking bed out of the equation, you'll be increasing your chances of ending up there. And there's nothing like afternoon nookie to warm your winter bones.So, how do you go about finding a girl for your daytime escapades? Well, the options are practically limitless.Say you spot a cute girl in the supermarket, it's easy enough to make small talk. Which does she prefer: red apples or green? You're looking for the couscous: does she know where it might be? Initiate an apparently innocent conversation, and you're well on your way to a daytime date. If she smiles back at you and keeps the chatter going, take a deep breath and ask if she fancies a coffee.The same theory applies to so many situations. The luscious lady in the library, the gorgeous girl in the  gallery, both can be greeted with relevant small talk. If she's single and searching, if you seem like a genuine friendly guy, the chances are good that she's going to respond.Take yourself to places where girls might be. If there's a daytime celebration or a sporting event, drop past and check it out. Grab a coffee in a cafe-bar, and smile at the girl sitting next to you. Keep your greetings light and inoffensive; if she's looking for some company, she'll quickly let you know.And the daytime date works just as well with girls you've already met. If you've noticed someone but you're not sure you fancy dinner and drinks, invite her for an afternoon coffee or suggest that you grab lunch together; it's a good chance to gauge whether you want to be more than friends, and easy to play down if you decide that you're really not interested.Whether you're after a long term liaison or some one off fun, shake up your dating routine this winter and prepare to feel the heat.

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