How to Pick Up Married Women with Little to No Effort

Apr 20


Scott J. Patterson

Scott J. Patterson

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If you want to meet a married woman, then you have to know how to handle this delicate situation. In this article, you’ll lean how to meet, attract and seduce a married woman.

Many of you men out there may believe that there are no more good women out there or that they are hard to come by. It is true that when a man meets the woman of his dreams,How to Pick Up Married Women with Little to No Effort Articles he will do anything to get her; and by her already having a man doesn’t stop him. It is known that men are not perfect, so women all over are continuously looking for that perfect man…the one. With that being said, this can only mean that these women are not completely satisfied with their men. So why do they stay in the relationship? Well, they fear the single life, so they hold on to the guy until they find a better replacement. When the time comes and the woman finds the guy she believes to be better than her current lover, she will dump him at the drop of a hat. This situation can easily be taken advantage of; any man can seduce any woman if he has the right game plan. But before men should go along seducing other men’s women, it is important that they know these three basic rules. 1) Never seduce your friend’s woman2) Know the consequences of messing with a married women and the damage it can cause the family3) Try to find out who the woman’s man is; after all, you will need to know who to avoidAim to ScoreWhen you first approach the woman, it is very important that you make a stunning first impression; this can either make or break your strategy. Make it so that she believes your presence is completely innocent and friendly. It is essential that she first accepts you as a friend; later on in your plans, you will have to have her trust to make comments and give opinions about her relationship. If the woman thinks that you are only there to seduce her, she will not take any value in what you have to say. After you have a successful friendship established, you will need to develop it further into a one of the girls bonds; this way she can trust you enough to tell you about the problems she is having in her relationship. Your PlansThe strategy of seducing a woman who is taken is to make her think. Keep putting ideas in her head to make her wonder and really ponder why she is still with her man. She should ask herself, “Why is he disrespecting me? Why does he take me for granted? Why isn’t he here with me now? Why does he put his boys first? Why am I out with the girls instead of with him?” These are all great questions that when answered can cause a breakup or an affair. No one is perfect, especially not her man. Bring to her attention all of his negative characteristics. Bring up relationships during conversations and discuss it in general; pet peeves and such. This will allow her to talk about the things that bother her in her relationship. You will be able to kill three birds with one stone by letting her name the flaws about her man and the relationship they have. Be the good listener and don’t add your criticisms; you don’t want to seem like a snake. Use what she says and amplify them and in no time, you and her will be on the same page.

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