How To Protect Yourself From Rebound Relationships

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Protecting ourselves from rebound relationships will be easy if you follow steps.

How do you know if you or your partner are on the rebound? What must you do to ensure you do not get into a hurtful rebound relationship or,Guest Posting if you find yourself in one, what can you do to protect yourself?
A rebound relationship is one where you (or your partner if they're the one rebounding) are still affected by a previous significant relationship. Any new relationship still affected by a former relationship is greatly impacted by either the quality of the current relationship or your perception of it.
What this really means is that when you are in a rebound relationship you spend a significant amount of time focusing on your previous relationship. Focusing on what could have been, what went wrong, wondering if you did the right thing in splitting up are not beneficial to your new relationship. When you focus your mental time on your old relationship Rebound Relationships you are draining the potential of your current relationship to have a chance at succeeding.Is there a way to identify if you or someone else is on the rebound?
When you notice that you are your new partner are spending much mental time thinking about unanswered questions, you need to admit that there is still unresolved hurt from your previous relationship. This means that you have not taken the time that your heart and mind need to work through the painful emotions. 
While you may be admitting that you are still on the rebound, what if you discover that your partner is still on the rebound? How do you tell him or her? What if they are not even consciously aware that they are still somewhat stuck in the past?
Some people will be more than capable of hiding their feelings and thoughts from you about their previous partner. This means you really do not have any clues about whether their behavior is normal or whether it is being affected by their unfinished business with their previous partner.  
Here are some signs to check for if you're in a rebound relationship: 
Do you:- think of your old partner daily?- still experience deep feelings of pain, regret or worry when you think of them or your relationship?- repeatedly think over one or a few particular issues within that relationship?
If you recognize yourself within these questions, it may not be time yet to jump into a new relationship. Perhaps it is time to first heal the previous relationship before creating the space for new love to unfold.

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