Are Rebound Relationships Always a Bad Idea?

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Almost everyone ends a relationship at some point. If you find someone else quickly you might be tempted to not get involved if you have heard that rebound relationships usually fail. But what if this person is Mr. or Mrs. right? Read on to find out what can make it work.

Many people say that rebound relationships are always a bad idea and are doomed to fail,Guest Posting possibly leaving you with heartbreak. I do not think that is true, many couples have met someone shortly after a breakup with someone else and have lived happily ever after.Certainly there is reason for caution with rebound relationships, after all, what if the other persons ex tries to get back together with the person you are now with? If there are feelings still there then you could end up being the odd person out.I think you want to evaluate the potential for each relationship regardless of whether you or your potential new lover are on the rebound. Does this person have the attributes that you are looking for in a soul mate?If that person has just become single after a breakup you may want to take it a little bit slower than usual just to make sure you are not pushing him or her into something they are not ready for. Be on the watch for indications they are not over the other person but do not just look for excuses to accuse them of something.If you are the person who has recently broken up with someone else then you want to make sure you are over the old relationship and not interested in getting back together before making any kind of commitments to someone new.Not only is that fair to your new love interest, but it is being fair to yourself as well. Have you put away pictures and other mementos of your last flame? If you are not ready to put those away, then maybe it is not over. Also, someone new does not want to be compared to your last love interest, but to be treated as their own unique person.Some of this can be particularly difficult if your old lover and any new love interest travel in the same circles. Be sure of your motivation for getting involved with someone new and that it is not just to make someone else jealous. If the situation is reversed, make sure you are not just being used to make their ex jealous and that they really want to get their ex back.Bottom line is to make sure that both of you are honest about the new relationship and that no one is playing games. That certainly will result in a disaster, hurt feelings and possibly a severe case of a broken heart. Everyone should want to avoid that.There is no reason that rebound relationships cannot work just because one or both of you has recently become single. Treat each other and the possibility of a new relationship with the same care and respect that you would any other time.Put the past behind and move forward being careful not to be bringing up old boyfriends or girlfriends in the same way you always should. That does not mean that if one of you wants to open up and talk about a situation that you cannot, just make sure the motives are right and that no one is stuck in a past relationship.Do you want to improve the chances of a rebound relationships success? Find out how you can avoid the heartbreak of another breakup close on the heels of a previous one.Learn how to make this new coupling the stuff dreams are made of. Come over to our website at

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