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Many American men are corresponding with single Russian women. And one day they receive a letter or email that the Russian lady suggests to visit him in the US. She is telling him she can get a (magic) visa, and she also explains him that she probably will have not enough money for the whole trip, do you believe her?

Today I received a letter from one of my website visitors. His Russian girlfriend asked him to help her (financially) to obtain a visa to visit him in America. This man wrote to me that she (he met her online through some free dating site) had found a local travel agency who could help her fast with a visa,Guest Posting but for this 'fast process' she needed more money then she already gave this agency from all her savings and she asked her American friend to help her. Thank god this man felt a little bit uncomfortable about this and he decided to verify if this could be true. For that reason he found my web site and asked my advise and opinion.Russian girls or women (most of them are young, in the twenties) can be very convincing that they 'honestly' can get a visa to visit you, with the help of a local agency they personal know. She tries to explain you that they can arrange such magic visas using 'special' ways. But, of course, these visas costs more than the formal visas you apply at the US Embassy. Well, to unravel this big secret about magic visas, they just don't exists! No matter these young, Russian girls are telling you, it is simply not possible to get an US visa just to visit you in your country.The main (US) visa types you have are: tourist, business, student, working, K3-spouse and K1-Fiancee visas. Some of these Russian beauties are trying to convince you that they can get a student visa. But also this type of visa is difficult to get and you need to accomplish a specific procedure to apply for such a visa. Beside that, you need the support of an US sponsor or official reference. Same counts for business and working visas. To receive a tourist visa is only available for a specific group of people, but certainly not for a single, young, beautiful Russian woman who wants to visit her friend in the US. 

To give you an example of one of the visa requirements:(source: website US Embassy, Moscow: 

Q: How do I qualify for a U.S. non-immigrant visa?

A: A qualified applicant for a U.S. non-immigrant visa is able to demonstrate binding social, familial, and/or economic ties to Russia which, in the opinion of the consular officer, constitute a compelling need to return to Russia after a temporary visit to the United States. Section 214(b) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act requires a consular officer to presume that a visa applicant intends to immigrate to the United States until the applicant provides sufficient evidence to the contrary. For more information, please see the section on supporting documents that can accompany a visa application.

Short but to the point, the Consular officer presumes your Russian girlfriend wants to immigrate to the US, in this case she has to proof that she will return to Russia after her visit. So, your single, young beautiful looking Russian girlfriend with just a regular job (or even not having a job), who wants to visit you (as a possible future bride) in the US will have a difficult time at the US Embassy to convince the Consular officer that she indeed will come back. I can already give you the results of that interview, can you?But now you probably will ask, what is the proper way if you indeed have a serious relationship with a Russian woman and you both have decided to stay with each other with the intention to marry?In this case she has to apply for a so-called K1-Fiancee visa, which is an immigrant visa. Just type in any search engine the keywords "k1 fiancée visa" and you will find a lot of information, I suggest you start at the website of the US Embassy in Moscow (see above). The most important work both have to do, before applying a K1-fiancee visa, is that from day one both have to keep all evidence that you have a serious relationship, like email or letter correspondence, photos where both of you are exposed, phone-bills (to Russia and vice versa), airline tickets, accommodation bills, your visa and other documents which proofs that you have been in Russia to meet her, etc. Just keep any ticket, any bill, any paper, any document that will show you both have met each other or that you have visited Russia (or Ukraine or other East European country). Especially the proof (photos, documents with two names) that you were 'together' is essential to convince the Consular officer that the relationship is 'real' and not for the reason to create a sham marriage (for green card purposes).The official requirements and documents both need are available at many K1-fiancee visa service and support websites, including the website of the US Embassy in Moscow.Remember that if she will be approved for a K1-fiancee visa, that you have to marry each other within 90 days, if not, she has to go back to her country, she definitely can't stay after these 90 days if you both have decided not to marry each other.

So, why are these easy-to-catch Russian girls convincing you that they have possibilities (they even confess you sometimes with a wink that their methods are not the formal way) to get a visa to visit you?In one word? 'money'! These girls are pretty good trained to wrap you up with their magic. They write you very nice (but impersonal) letters with sweet words, they send you photos of a real beautiful young Russian girl, even when she is 23 and you are 42, no problem, they prefer to have a man with 'experience' at least that's what they tell you. They explain you how different American men are with Russian men, they explain you that 'looks' is not important at all, they already fall in love with you after 5 or 6 letters (emails) and you know what? Many men do believe them! Therefore it is not difficult for these girls that they can't wait to meet you and want to visit you (in your country of course), but needs a little help form you to get that magic visa. And of course you will help her, the sooner she can come the better and you already are fantasizing what your friends will say when they will meet your Russian knock-out, isn't it?Read also the K1-fiancee visa requirements at the official US Citizenship and Immigration government website: my dear reader, don't believe in such fairy tails because magic visas are not existing. And don't even think to engage yourself to illegal methods to apply for a visa, it will not work and if they find out, you will be banned for life by the US authorities concerning visas and immigration.The right way is to suggest her to meet her in her country. Never send any money or do not send expensive gifts. Some flowers is ok, but that's it, do not exaggerate. Keep you financial arrangements in own control and use only save paying methods. If you need to pay a hotel or apartment in Moscow (or wherever), do the payment by yourself, never send money and let her do it!If you want to read more information about meeting and dating Russian women, please go to my information and advice section of my website.

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