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Russian dating advise for gentlemen searching the FSU countries for love , romance or marriage .

After meeting your first Russian women you will probably be wondering why such a beautiful women in her twenties is still single and searching for a foreign husband. Here are a few answers to help you. Many men when first searching for a Russian bride are astounded by all the beautiful women in the Russian brides sites,Guest Posting many men will be suspicious at first and wonder how it is possible to have so many beautiful girls in one place looking for a husband, there must be a catch!? It is a fact that Russian women have been gifted in life with beauty genes. Almost all have fantastic bodies and outstanding beauty. Lucky for foreign men Russian women find them very sexy. Russian Ladies know only too well that being sexy means being desired by many men. But at the same time they take big offence from lurid remarks from men seeking only sex or a one night stand. After a few unsuccessful affairs they have learned how to identify true from fake lovers. You cannot imagine how many Russians are so resistant to beauty and only interested in their macho collection of broken hearts. Russian women like to be respected at all times and pushing her for sex from the very beginning is not a good idea, you will probably scare her away and lose your dream women. All women like a good sex life in a relationship, but what matters more to them are security, trust and feelings from their man. Another important issue is alcohol. Russian women do not like men who drink, it can be a very touchy subject at first, even if you tell her you just drink socially it may put her off, as Russian women often have bad experiences of men drinking, and certainly do not want to meet a foreigner with drink problems. Russian men have a long history of drinking heavy and many Russian women have had to suffer at the hands of drunken husbands. Russian women do not want to suffer this anymore; this is a big reason why so many Russian women join Russian brides sites to search for a foreign husband. Russian women know about the national problem with drinking and prefer not to talk about it. In many families there is at least one alcoholic.

So you should take the most care when talking to your Russian bride about drink and alcohol

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