Relationship Success 101: Accountability Circles, Peer-Leaders and Your Personal Posse - Part Two

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In a previous article I spoke about support groups and how to get started building your support network.  Now we'll get into the groups you will want to develop for yourself to hold you accountable, celebrate your wins, and keep you on track.

One of the three groups I suggest is your accountability circle.

The purpose of this group is to hold you accountable to your commitments.  Ever notice how much more you accomplish when you’ve committed to someone else?  That’s the power of accountability.  The people (which could be a few as one other person) in your accountability circle can be used to check in with,Guest Posting as well as help problem solve any obstacles which could come between you and your desired goals. 

Your accountability partners are also the people who will get-in-your-face and kick-you-in-the-butt if your stubbornness, resistance and/or laziness happen to rise to the surface. 

Another group which carries tremendous power is your peer-leader group. 

These are individuals whose main function is to celebrate your accomplishments, much like your own personal cheerleader.  You have a prearranged agreement with them to celebrate your wins.  You’re no different than the rest of us with your need for positive reinforcements for your efforts and accomplishments. 

Your peer leaders are the people in your network you can always rely on for these needs.  Every time you have put forth effort to accomplish any of your goals, contact one of these individuals to celebrate your efforts.

The third group, as previously written, is your personal posse, or your inner circle.  These are the people who know you inside out, upside down, backward and forward. 

They know your strengths, weaknesses, dreams, failures, accomplishments and desires.  They may actually, at times, know you better than you know yourself and they’re always able to see the blind-spots (B.S.) you don’t see. 

The primary purpose of your personal posse is to give you a place of unconditional safety so you can be totally transparent.  Your personal posse looks out for you and protects you. However, paradoxically at the same time, they also are the people who are going to lovingly call on you to be your biggest and best self. They won’t settle for anything less than your best.

In addition, your personal posse may do some scouting for you.  Since these individuals know you better than anyone else, they should know exactly what you want in your life—your absolutes and bottom lines, your deal-makers and deal-breakers, and your wants and desires. They can help find you the missing pieces you’re searching for, be it in your world of work, relationships or even in the further development of your support network.

There are also other highly valuable networks and communities which can be highly beneficial to you. 

Mastermind groups and brainstorming sessions can be of great use when you want a problem solved or want to create a breakthrough to a new level in your life or business.  These are very focus oriented gatherings and may not be quite as personal as your other networks.

Again, all of these networks and communities take time to develop.  Avoid the complaint of not being able to find such people. Instead, try some new approaches. Like anything else in life, if you make a 100% commitment to creating these networks and communities, you’ll surely find the people and develop the corresponding groups. 

Start groups yourself if you can’t find already established ones. Examine the people who participate and determine which of your support networks they might be best suited for.  And be prepared to give back in an equal proportion.

The goal is to create a system of people who’ll support, challenge, encourage, confront and love you towards your greatest self.  They’ll help you stay 100% committed to yourself.  They’ll help you stay married to yourself, and in doing so, live your life of passion, purpose, power and prosperity.

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