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Do you have any idea how many tips on how to get an ex back claim to be foolproof but leave a lot of room for error? The problem is that most of us never give them a second thought until we're smack dab in the middle of a broken heart and really not thinking all that objectively.

Learning how to apologize may be the best of all tips on getting your ex back you'll come across. There are all kinds of books that will tout super secret techniques that are guaranteed to work. Over the ages men have used gifts and tokens of affection but in all time nothing seems to be as genuinely effective as a well crafted apology.

What is a must in any worthy apology?

1)    Sincerity. There can be nothing about your apology that sounds insincere. It must come completely from the heart in order to be effective. If you can't pull that off it's best not to apologize at all. If you can create a sincere apology you'll find that your efforts are generally well rewarded.

2)    Specifics. A general apology will rarely do. You need to apologize for the specific problem that arose in your relationship. The real problem and not the various symptoms of the problem.

3)    Solutions. To show your ex that you mean business you need to come armed with solutions so that you'll never commit the same "crime" again. Otherwise you're just using pretty words to try to wow or woo your ex.

There are also a few things that you must not include in your apology. They will only do more harm than good.

1)    Excuses. Your ex isn't interested in excuses. Your ex is interested in hearing (and being convinced) that it will never happen again. If you lay blame on work,Guest Posting stress, the Cubs losing the series, etc. there's no real reason to believe that a few days, weeks, or months from now you'll be doing the same thing over again.

2)    Blame. You certainly don't want to attempt to tell your ex that the thing you're apologizing are is his or her fault...even if it is. Apologies are about accepting responsibility for your role not trying to assign responsibility to someone else.

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