Want To Get Back At Your Ex? Be Nice

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Have you broken up with your ex?. Are you burning with emotions and would like to get back at your ex? Are you wondering the best way to do this? Well, here's the answer.

Have you broken up with your ex? Are you burning with emotions and would like to get back at your ex? Are you wondering the best way to do this? Well,Guest Posting here's the answer.

The secret

Whether you would like to hit back at, or get back with, your ex, the most effective method is to be nice. Don't be surprised, this is the real secret to your success. Being nice is a powerful tool due to a number of factors.
Being nice has a way of melting hearts. If your ex has even just some residues of interest in you, you will be able to heighten it through acts of kindness. People appreciate it when you act nicely towards them.

Being nice does not only work when your ex still has some interest. You will still make a score even when your ex is very much against you. Basically, your ex will expect you to have the spirit of revenge. Acting in kindness will take your ex by surprise, giving you an upper hand.

Why being nice is effective

Being nice indicates that you are happy. This means that by being nice, you will be sending a message that the end of your relationship has not left you distraught. It will hurt your ex to realize that you are actually happy on your own.

Your ex will begin to wonder whether your relationship really had any impact. Your reaction will make your ex realize that s/he did not have as much influence in your life as s/he thought. This will essentially make your ex feel as a failure.

If you want to get back at your ex, sowing such seeds of doubt is a powerful method.

How to catch more flies

Have you ever heard of the best method of trapping more flies? It is simple really. Just use honey. Use the same principle towards your ex. Be nice to your ex. This is what will make your ex keep thinking about you.

In order for this method to be really effective, you need to be very sincere in your actions. Trying to fake kindness will just backfire.

It is by being nice that you will really make your ex notice you. Kindness attracts people, and this does not leave your ex out.

Make your ex curious

Curiosity is an important quality in attraction. If you want to draw your ex, make him/her curious. You will achieve this by being nice as well.

Since you will have acted contrary to expectations, your ex will be curious to find out why. In the process, your ex will keep thinking about you.

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