How-To 'Bond Like Super-Glue' With Your Subscribers!

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How-To 'Bond Like Super-Glue' With Your Subscribers!

By Michael Green


Every successful Ezine editor knows one thing that all
failing editors have yet to learn...

"If you’re going to make 'real' money from your Ezine
newsletter,Guest Posting by earning cash every time you hit the 'Send'
key to dispatch your latest edition; then first you need to
gain the undying trust and devotion of your list of
subscribers in fact, you've got to 'Bond like Super-Glue'
to each and every one of your readers!"


But where does the average Ezine owner get their hands on
that kind of 'Subscriber Bonding-Substance?'

The answer is that an Ezine editor has to make their own
glue and it takes a little time, perseverance and effort!

You see people buy products once trust has been developed
(not before) and too many list owners make the basic mistake
of trying to put the kart before the horse. They attempt to
'hard-sell' products that they are affiliated to, right from
issue number #1 of their Ezine. But unfortunately - they
fail to realize that trust has yet to be built-up between
the newsletter and its readers. And that is fatal!


Nobody wants to be hard-sold to by a virtual or complete
stranger, and that's in the real offline world. You can
multiply that old maxim by a hundred in the scam-rich
online environment.

Now Ezine list owners who forget that they promised their
readership quality, useful and informative information -
when they first signed up - are then the exact same people
who are most surprised when they discover that they’re not
making a decent return from their online efforts.


Recently an Ezine owner contacted me anxious to discover why
his own Ezine (with a 5,000 subscriber base) was failing to
make profits.

I asked to see a copy and when I did, the answer was
shockingly obvious...

1. There was no original content of benefit to the reader.
2. EVERY link was an affiliate program he was signed up to.
3. The editor made no attempt to befriend the reader.
4. No sense of which angle the Ezine was coming from.
5. There was nothing to indicate who it was aimed at either.

The answer to why this list owner was disappointed by his
Ezine income was very clear...

He had failed to 'bond' with his readership. In fact, he had
forgotten to apply any glue at all!

So how do you insert glue between you and your subscribers?

It's easy -- follow these 4 SUPER-GLUE STEPS:

You have to make certain that there are benefits to the
reader in subscribing and this means bringing them fresh
interesting articles and perspectives on the subject that
your Ezine tackles.

If you told new subscribers your Ezine was about how to
"better work from home", then at least roughly stick to your
subject matter. If you don't your Ezine will become
completely defocused, confusing your reader.

Your task is to build trust. The only way we come to trust
each other is to get to know one another first. So you've
got to be bringing your reader up to speed about yourself
as editor. Your likes, dislikes and views are all important.
Don’t hide them.

The glue dries stronger, if your readers believe that you
will still be around next week, month or year. You can't
develop a powerful relationship with your reader if they
believe that you are a fly-by-night newsletter editor.

Do all this and guess what?

The next time you happen to mention the latest, greatest,
hottest new product on the block and then proceed to give it
your personal seal of approval, your readers will follow you
to purchase that item - as if they were actually stuck to

That will be because you’ve taken the time to 'Bond like
Super-Glue' With Your Subscribers before trying to sell them
anything that moves.

Good luck with your Ezine,

Michael Green
Ezine Guru.

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The author, Michael Green, is an accomplished Ezine editor
and well-known newsletter guru. He has recently launched an
Easy Ezine Toolkit which can provide you with a whole host
of invaluable 'insider' secrets on generating income and
profits from your own Ezine. Well worth getting your hands on.
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Michael Green
Michael Green

Michael Green, is an accomplished Ezine guru. He recently launched an Ezine Toolkit which provides you with invaluable 'insider' secrets on generating income and profits from your own Ezine. Pick up your copy today at

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