Domain Name and its importance in Search Engine Rankings

Apr 29


Stephanie Ly

Stephanie Ly

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Domain names, web hosting and search engine ranking factors are all important factors you must consider when starting your own business website. Here we take a look why.


All Internet website owners start out on the internet with high hopes,Domain Name and its importance in Search Engine Rankings Articles many expectations and a mind full of energy. The only problem is that they all soon discover the internet and gaining a reputable status on it doesn’t come easy. Here we take a quick look at domain names, their registration factors and how they can affect your websites search engine results.

One of the most common questions asked is: “What domain name should I use?”  Here are a few pointers. Try to use something short and easy to remember. Make sure the domain name is relevant to your website or brand. Try to go for .com domain names – they are the most popular. Lastly, avoid using numbers and misspelled forms of words such as or Users can easily get confused and not remember the actual characters and spelling used.

Nest question: “Are all domain registrars the same and what should I look for?” To answer this question, not all registrars are the same. Some give you more benefits in you domain names and provide greater flexibly such free url forwarding and free domain parking. Some registrars give you extra benefits such as domain name privacy which allows you to hind you private details. Also you need to look at the flexibility you are entitled to when registering the domain name. Make sure you have full control of the domain name, can change settings and also given support from the registrar.

Another question that tends to float around is “How long should I register my domain name for?” One mistake a lot on website owners do when starting their website is to test the water. For example they only register their domain name for 1 year. It is often argued that the length of your website's domain name registration may affect the search engine results for your domain.

It may also affect the trust people have in you. There is a lot of competition on the Internet and if you want to keep up with and stay on top then you must be one step ahead of you competitors. A potential buyer may look up the history of you website an if you site is registered for one year, they may not have as much confidence in you than if you ad it registered for 5 or 10 years. Having a longer expiration on your domain name also saves you on renewal fees and processes.  Another advantage of having a longer expiry for you domain name is that you won’t need to be bothered with expiring domain name procedures and other people buying your expired name because you forgot to renew it.

These are some few factors you need to consider when registering your domain name and wanting to build a great website to reach the top of the search engines. Remember, building a reputable and successful business on the internet is hard work. Constant work on the website is required and slowly you will see the benefits as you website becomes more popular and rise in the search engine results. Don’t let all this hard work slip away just because you forgot to renew you domain name or you want to discard you first domain name to change it to something else as a result of making a wrong choice at the beginning.