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Free Domain Names are available only if you follow these guidelines.

Free Domains Names ? Are they possible ? Answer is Yes.

We will tell how you can a get a free domain name like .com,Guest Posting .net, .org and other similar names for free.

Freedomainnames.comOn your first visit to this site you will be told sign up with few advertisers or try some products and you will be given a domain name free for life.There is a trick here.

You will have to shell out money to try something. So, eventually one way or the other you have to contribute. Right ?Wrong.If you sign up with them now just do not try anything, wait for few days or weeks and you will see that some advertisers are offering free trial services for which you can fullfill the requirements and can have your domain name.

There are many others sites with similar methods by which you can get a domain name for free.

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