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Developed to enhance your boating experience whatever your purpose is, once you’ve been on an ASIS amphibious boat, there is no going back.

Due to popular demand on our amphibious boats,Guest Posting we have developed and launched www.asisamphibious.com, a website dedicated to our amphibious range.

Please make sure to check it out and feel free to share with your friends.

The Amphibious craft is a boat with wheels that has been developed to allow you to enjoy your journey on water and on land.

The ASIS Amphibious craft can be driven from one’s beach house or storage location down a boat ramp or any beach and directly into the water while the users are on board thanks to the mechanics of the Amphibious system.

ASIS Amphibious Boats are available for both professional and recreational use.

ASIS professional amphibious boats are favoured around the world for professional mariners in law enforcement, firefighting, search & rescue, coast-guard patrol and flood rescue.

Looking to cut on response time, patrol maritime areas efficiently, access remote areas of operations, you have come to the right place.

The ASIS Amphibious gives you the best performance expected from an ASIS RHIB to fulfil any mission combined with the efficiency, efficacy and flexibility that an amphibious system gives.

ASIS Recreational Amphibious Boat gives you the versatility, mobility and freedom that no other boat can give you.

Whether you have a beachfront property and want the flexibility to take your boat out at any time of the day and night and the freedom to do so by yourself without the help of an additional person, or, you are looking for a tender that would enhance your boating journey and allow you to reach pristine beaches, hidden groves and areas inaccessible with a traditional boat, the ASIS Amphibious Boat is what you are looking for.

Fully Customizable by color, seating configuration, accessories and options, you can design your amphibious boat the way you like it. Want to add to it a tent and a BBQ and use it to camp overnight on a beach, you can do that.

With an ASIS amphibious boat, you will get the finest, most luxurious, latest technological advanced amphibious boat without compromising on the performance and safety you would expect from an ASIS Boat.

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