The Unassailable Reign of Dot-Com Domains

Jan 2


Wayne Ford

Wayne Ford

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The digital landscape is abuzz with the advent of new domain extensions. A recent Denver Post article suggested that ".biz" could potentially rival the popularity of ".com". With seven new top-level domains approved by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the digital world is set for a shake-up. The new domains include .biz, .info, .aero, .coop, .museum, .pro, and .name. However, despite the hype, the supremacy of ".com" remains unchallenged. Here's why:


The Power of Association

When people think of the internet,The Unassailable Reign of Dot-Com Domains Articles "dot-com", "web", and "surfing" are often the first words that come to mind. The ".com" extension is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness, making it synonymous with the internet.

Resistance to Change

The introduction of new domains could potentially confuse the average internet user. With an increasing number of suffixes, finding the desired information could become more challenging. As a result, many users may revert to the familiar ".com" out of frustration.

The Influence of Marketing

Major corporations like IBM and Microsoft have invested billions in promoting their ".com" domains through print and media advertising. It's highly unlikely that these companies would switch to promoting ".biz" or any other new domain.

Brand Protection

Owners of ".com" domains are likely to purchase the corresponding ".biz" and ".info" domains to safeguard their brands. This could lead to a surge in trademark infringement lawsuits, making lawyers the real winners in this scenario.

The Significance of Meaning

None of the new top-level domains carry the elegance or class of ".com", which signifies 'communication' or 'commercial'. While ".biz" stands for 'business', it sounds informal and has a negative connotation in the UK. The unrestricted ".info" domain, which stands for 'information', could lead to a loss of trust among users if it doesn't deliver quality information.

The Appeal Factor

While new TLDs like ".biz" may make it easier for smaller companies to secure a fitting web address, they may not be as appealing as ".com". Businesses with a ".biz" domain may find it harder to compete with those with a ".com" domain. Despite the recent downfall of some ".com" companies, many continue to thrive, reinforcing the appeal of ".com".

The Bottom Line

The ".com" domain is established and respected. It was one of the first domain names of the internet era and remains the most sought after. While the new domains will make it easier to secure a web address, ".com" will always be the gold standard.

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