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Choosing a website name can be tricky and somewhat mind boggling. I have some tips that everyone should take into consideration when starting a new business and looking for a name to call it. This also pertains to the changing of an existing website name.

Keep it simple and easy to remember. This will help people to be able to find your site with the least amount of chances for misspellings and insure a smooth arrival.

Catchy names also work well when picking or changing a website name. Some examples are CRBows,Guest Posting Giant bows, or Car cleaners or linen menders. The list is endless but you get the point.

Make sure the name is not offensive to anyone so it does not cause missed traffic or problems in the future.

When you are checking for available used domain names you can start your search by typing in domain names, past domain names, abandon domain names etc.

Many of the hosting sites will sell you a previously used web site name that may have had some popularity while it was being used by its past owner. This allows you to benefit from any residual traffic that has not learned of the past websites decision to longer retain the use of the name.

There are also many sites that will give you the abandon not so popular website names.

These names will usually be free and as any website out there it will need to be marketed correctly in order to draw attention to it.

On a different playing field:

Websites that do not buy all domain names that pertain to their company and leave themselves wide open to having someone such as your self use or buy their same name with a different domain. This helps in most instances to generate a lot of business for the person or persons lucky enough to have found the available website name in the first place that has already been marketed simply from the misspellings of a name or from the unknowing of the domain that goes to the website in question..

There are many names that are simply not kept up or have not had the hosting paid for causing them to no longer be of use to the prior owner and just let go.

My personal observation is that the best website name is always the original name you come up with that is not being used or has never been used by any other company ever.

Be sure that no matter how original you think your name decision is to check it out first so you do not have problems later on. It can be very costly to have to go back and have everything from stationary to websites completely redone.

Be very careful not to pick a name that will attract the wrong type of traffic! For instance, if you are a family oriented website you would obviously not want to attract the adult oriented content type of traffic, and vice versa.

Here is a little more information that may also help you during your quest for the perfect website name.  

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is the overall authority for the IP Addresses, the Domain Names, and many other parameters, used in the Internet.

Domain Name System (DNS),


Good luck picking the prefect name.

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