Rebates - An Incentive Technique Used by Automobile Manufacturers

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This Article is about Rebates companies provide to the customers to gain Market Share. I am Alex. I own a domain REBATEONCAR.COM. I write blogs and promote affiliate products through my website

As I was browsing through the archives of a News Website,Guest Posting I came across an artcile that has a title that read

"PC maker offers rebates as it continues its fight to win back market share from Dell, HP."

Yes, the News was about Gateway Inc.

In the beginning of 21st century, Gateway Inc,  one of the finest PC making companies in the United States manufactured Assembled PCs and sold them in a affordable price.

The company's strategy was simple - Provide More Value for the Money spend by the Customers. As the PCS were assembled products the company need not worry about research and development budget.

With a low storage cost, as there is no need for storing Inventries upfront, the company was determined to supply the customers with a Assembled PC with advanced technology.

Gateway Inc sales soared as the customers were able to get a computer at a Low price and the After Sales Customer Support & Technical Support were also one of the reason for the success of the company.

I Quote from the News Article I read -

The company said it will offer $100 mail-in rebates on its 300SE and 500SE desktop systems. At the same time, Gateway said it will offer a $100 rebate to customers purchasing its Solo 1450SE notebook computer, bringing its price below $1,000.

With the $100 rebate, the price of a Gateway 300SE desktop falls to $599. That system sports an Intel Celeron processor operating at 1.4 gigahertz, has 128 megabytes of memory and has a 20 gigabyte hard drive. For a limited time, the company said it also will include CD burners and 17-inch CRT monitors as part of the package.

Under the new pricing plan, Gateway's 500SE desktop system's price falls to $699. It's powered by an Intel Pentium 4 processor operating at 1.8 GHz, has 128 MB of memory and a 20 GB hard drive. Gateway is including a CD burners and 17-inch CRT monitor with that package as well, for a limited time.

The price of a Solo 1450SE notebook falls to $999 after the $100 rebate. That system is powered by a 1.3 GHz Mobile Intel Celeron processor, has 128 MB of memory and has a 20 GB hard drive.

By providing rebates on high sale volume PC models the company was able to gain the Market Share.

This was a story twenty years back. In 2022, the story is slightly different. Let's take the example of Vehicle Industry. The Corporate companies are adopting a different strategy as their fight is not only to be the top leader in their respective sector but also they aim to reduce global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to net zero by 2050.

Some companies have even started teaming-up with one or more companies to build Cars that uses most advanced technology.

Governments also announce subsidy programs for deserving companies thereby playing an important role in the effort to acheive zero emmision.

As a result of Government's New Policies, the New Car buyers can expect Rebates and other benefits from the manufacturers.

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