What Is Domain Name Optimization?

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Domain name optimization is related to SEO (search engine optimization). It refers to selecting a name that may help your rankings on search engines.

Choosing a creative non-related name for your web site can help with establishing brand identity,Guest Posting but may do very little when it comes to search engines; particularly during the early stages of your online business.

Search engine ranking algorithms are very complex - sometimes consisting of hundreds of different signals. One of the signals is the domain name and its relevance to the content of the site. Another factor is anchor text used in inbound links to your site.

Anchor text is the text used when someone is linking to your site from elsewhere. As people will often link to your site using your site name, by having a name that reflects the content, it may help give you a boost in search engine rankings on that and related terms.

For example, if you're selling orange gonks, then consider registering a domain name such as OrangeGonks.com or Orange-Gonks.com.

Just a brief word on hyphens - a hyphenated domain name isn't totally necessary as the major search engines, which deliver the vast majority of web traffic, are smart enough now to discern separate words, even if they run together. Either variation would appear to have no edge over the other in terms of SEO. However, it can be a good idea to register both versions to prevent a competitor from doing so.

When it comes to choosing a domain name extension in relation to SEO, it doesn't really matter; but.com is widely regarded as the Beverly Hills of domain real estate due to its popularity and awareness among Internet users. If your target group consists of people from within your own country, then you should register the relevant ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) as that can have some bearing on search results within your region.

A very important point to bear in mind is that the name you choose is by no means the be all and end all in ranking highly in search engines; as mentioned it likely only plays a very small role in a ranking algorithm. Search engine companies are also very aware spammers use domain optimization as part of their strategy. However, in a highly competitive sector and all other things being equal, a little thought to domain name optimization just might give you an edge over your competitors.

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