Ebook Create Basics Video Tutorial (An Ebook, Video) Product Review

Apr 17


Laurie Meade

Laurie Meade

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Eva Ameida and Mark Caron have teamed up to put together a great beginner's ebook package. They really considered the beginner's point of view in creating this product. They included everything you need to get your sales website up and compile an ebook to sell online. Besides offering a resell option with great bonuses; they also offer modified and separately priced packages to meet every beginner's budget.


Besides offering a resell option with great bonuses; they also offer modified and separately priced packages to meet every beginner's budget.Mark and Eva plan to have an affiliate program for the Ebook Create Basics by mid March 2003. You can promote it as an affiliate,Ebook Create Basics Video Tutorial (An Ebook, Video) Product Review Articles buy it just to use and learn, or purchase resell rights to sell it and get all the profits. Each option has its advantages. Eva's main online passion is electronic books or ebooks, so she has dedicated an entire collection of domains towards this new avenue of publishing under the name of eBooks N' Bytes. She has teamed up with Mark Caron, of AffiliateGurus.com, to make this incredibly helpful group of video tutorials and ebooks for the beginning internet marketer.Although the focus of this package is geared toward the absolute beginner, some of the information will benefit seasoned webmasters. However, the videos are basic, anyone fairly familiar with html, might find them too simple. This same simplicity however, is exactly what the beginner needs to swim through the sea of content needed to learn, when trying to start an online presence. Rather than be totally overwhelmed with ton's of unnecessary information (too many of us suffer from information overload), this set of videos take you step by step through exactly what you need to know and why.Eva is the publisher of eBooks N' Bytes Informer. This is an ezine ofuseful tips on how to publish and promote your ebooks, reviews of ebooks and software, plus contests to win ebooks, compilers, software, cover art and much more... You can sign up for her free newsletter by sending a blank email to the following address: mailto: ebooksnbytes-subscribe@topica.comOn her site you can find a big list of sites for you to promote your ebook once it is ready to promote. Her websites have a wealth of information; you could spend hours, even days browsing around all the information and resources she provides. You can find her websites at the end of this review as well as Mark Caron's site links, also.Mark began online in 2000. Click Your Way To Success washis first ebook, developed in Sept of 2000. CYSTS has been revised since then with 86 pages of helpful tips and some free videos. Mark told me, "My passion is to help others because I knowwhat it takes to build a business long hours, time managementfamily responsibilities etc."He has also published a "Internet Marketing System Video Tutorial System" After downloading a demo video of this course, you will have an exact guide of what it entails, what you can expect to learn. That demo video is available for free at this site:Internet Marketing System Video Tutorial Systemhttp://www.affiliategurus.com/internet-marketing-system.htmlPersonally, as a somewhat seasoned webmaster, (I’ve been learning for about a year) I found the section on creating PDF ebooks very helpful, and quite informative to me. They give you the resources to a free PDF compiler and an ebook on how to design it. If you are familiar with a word processor program you won't have any trouble following the video tutorials. It is important when publishing your ebook to offer it in both exe and pdf files. People using Mac computers cannot access exe files.If you choose to buy the resell rights option, it will take some study and time to upload all the elements this package has to offer. Is that really a drawback though? :o)This can be resolved, by following some extra tips and resources provided from the authors. Both authors are very good at responding and answering to any questions you might have after your purchase. I am not sure, being that I am NOT a brand new computer illiterate, if this program is basic enough for the pure amateur. I do know, that it was simple, YET THOROUGH. It includes every aspect of what it takes to get an ebook and its corresponding sales site up quickly, with little stress or headache.This includes

  • how to write your ebook,
  • ideas on what to write about,
  • how to put it all together in both ebook formats,
  • sample templates and graphics,
  • a tutorial on how to use those templates and graphics
  • resources for finding the tools to do this for free on the web,
  • plenty of resource material to learn all the aspects you need to be successful with your product.

It also offers a chance to be able to profit yourself from reselling this program to others.On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, here is my rating of this package. I would give it an 8 for its completeness of the topic presented. I would give it an 8 in simplicity in understanding and comprehension. If you are new to computers and want a package that will walk you through the process step by step, than this would definitely be worth the money and time you put into it. I would have to give it a 9 for being totally thorough in including everything a beginning marketer needs to know.Click your way to success (review)http://www.affiliategurus.com/ebookreview.html