The Best Internet Marketing eBooks I've Bought This Year.

Jul 19


Martin Avis

Martin Avis

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Before I start waxing lyrical about these three books,I must state for the record that this is my ... I have bought maybe 15 or 20 ebooks this ... I truly believe in ... in my own


Before I start waxing lyrical about these three books,
I must state for the record that this is my opinion
only. I have bought maybe 15 or 20 ebooks this year
(yes,The Best Internet Marketing eBooks I've Bought This Year. Articles I truly believe in investing in my own
education), and these three stand out in my mind.
Another reader, with other passions may choose

And, this article is only concerned with ebooks that I
have purchased from January to June 2002. The best book
of all, dollar for dollar, is the very excellent 'Make
Your Site Sell' by Ken Evoy. But that came out in 2001.
You can download a free trial version of this book, to
give yourself a taste (with no obligation to buy) from

What do I look for in an ebook?

1. It has to be well written. I like an easy, friendly
read. It must flow logically and not run off at

2. It must teach me something. I really don't
appreciate books that simply rehash stuff that I
already know, or can find online for free - however
well written they may be.

3. It must be eminently practical. I don't want to be
taught theory that is too complicated for my simple
brain to put into action.

4. I have to be able to see right away that there is a
real money-making potential.

So which of my purchases meet the criteria?

1. Mini Site Profits, by Phil Wiley.

Phil Wiley is an affiliate marketing expert. He has
developed a system of producing quick, easy websites
that pull in a disproportionate income.

His book, which comes with a whole host of extras,
takes you by the hand and leads you to profit.

All the tricks and tips that Phil uses himself are
here, with clear examples. He shows you how to select a
product to sell, how to identify an audience, how to
set up the site, where to get content, how to take the
money. Everything you need to know.

Note that I say that he shows you. This is not some
technical journal full of theory and long-distance
advice. Every lesson is backed up by real-life examples
from Phil's own sites.

Phil Wiley is one of life's 'super doers'. This book
shows you how you can join him in that elite group.

2. eBook Secrets Exposed, by Jim Edwards and David

The subtitle of this book is 'How to make massive
amounts of money, in record time with your own ebook!'

Jim Edwards is a prolific and highly successful author
with six top selling ebooks and info products so far
released - and more on the way.

David Garfinkel is one of the top online copywriters
who has not only written some highly acclaimed ebooks
himself, but has made millions writing for others.

Put these two together and you get a dynamite product.

The book takes the form of an extended interview
between David and Jim. Jim 'tells all' about how he
goes about the business of making a fortune from

How he gets his ideas
How he finds the audience
How he researched
How he writes
How he markets
How he makes huge amounts of money

There is little doubt that everyone has a book inside
them. This ebook shows you how to get to it, and how to
profit from it. I was hooked from beginning to end, and
many of the things I learned came in very useful when I
was putting together 'Success Stories'.

Put this book together with Mini Site Profits and you
have a complete business in a box.

3. The Silent Sales Machine, by Jim Cockrum

This is my latest acquisition, and it is a very clever
book. Millions of people buy and sell on eBay - in fact
the site gets about one-and-a-half BILLION hits a
month! Yet very few know about the ideas that Jim
Cockrum so clearly writes about.

* How to harness the hits that your auction gets - even
if people don't bid.

* How to make a great profit even if nobody bids on
your auction at all.

* How to put in place easy money making 'machines' that
work for you 24/7.

Jim makes it all sound so simple - and by the time you
finish reading his book, you know that it is.

I have never been particularly interested in eBay. I've
bought a few items here and there, but never had any
interest in selling. Now that has all changed. After
reading this book, I am very excited about getting
going. Jim's ideas are revolutionary, but at the same
time so simple that even a complete novice like me can
quickly jump in and get started.

The Silent Sales Machine blends so well with Mini Site
Profits and eBook Secrets. If you can take ideas from
each of them you will have the tools to build an
incredibly strong business.

Why haven't I started yet? I only bought this book a
few days ago, and my mind is still racing with the
possibilities. I will write in BizE-zine about how I
get on.