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If you have read a really funny book like Handyman Stories and thought of making one yourself,Guest Posting know that you are not alone. In fact, a lot of people are aspiring to do so. If you think that you have so much potential and have time as well as energy for writing books of this kind, then go ahead and do so. Given below are the steps to writing funny books.

First, make sure that you have ideas on the character and his story. These ideas, at first, may be vague and disorganized. Regardless, write them down anyway in a small notebook or pieces of paper. This way, you do not forget these ideas. Remember to carry the notebook or some pieces of paper with you all the time. You never know when ideas will come.

Once you have a vague idea of the character as well as his story, start writing down the very first part. When doing so, be sure that this first part is befitting of the genre, based on the number of funny books which you have already read.

Continue writing while still formulating the most sensible ideas possible. Do not judge the content at this point. Keep in mind that no author has accomplished a readable book at only the first draft. Only scrutinize the content when you are already done with the initial draft.

At this point, take a break from writing to ready your mind for scrutinizing what you have written without any biases at all. The recommended time is around two to three weeks.

Once the time has passed, you can then begin editing the content accordingly. Edit in a thorough manner until you think it makes sense and is ready to go to the editor. Editing still should be continuous on your part even if you have already hired an editor to help you out. This way, you only need a short time before it goes to the publisher.

Also, it is a must to find the correct markets for the book that you have. Other than this step, find the publisher of some favorite titles and note the address down. Visit the bookstore of the area and note down the publishers of some titles in the funny section.

Choose two likely publishers who accept the kind of material that you offer. When you have made your choice, go look for the submission guidelines that they set and follow accordingly. This allows for a better chance of getting your book published, like Handyman Stories.

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