6 Incredible Benefits of Wearing Lehsunia Stone

May 12




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This cat's eye gemstone shows its impact very quickly as compared to other gemstones. It is the only gemstone that has extreme planetary energies.


The cat's eye gemstone, 6 Incredible Benefits of Wearing Lehsunia Stone Articles Lehsuniya in Hindi, has a unique quality in its appearance. If you come to know about a cat's eye gemstone then its name is enough to get an idea about its appearance. As other fields of gemstones Cat's Eye is quite more popular in Indian astrology. It is one of the most significant captivating stones of the chrysoberyl mineral family. The chemical formula for cat's eye chrysoberyl is BeAl 2O 4 that is Beryllium Aluminum Oxide. 


As per Vedic Indian Gemology, Cats Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone is also called Lehsunia or Vaidurya. It represents the Ketu planet that is the smallest planet in the universe. But it has great impacts on the wearer. As it is similar to Cat’s Eye in its Physical Appearance this gemstone has got its name from the cat's eye. 


This cat's eye gemstone shows its impact very quickly as compared to other gemstones. It is the only gemstone that has extreme planetary energies. This cat's eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone is supposed to be connected with Planet Ketu (The south lump of the moon). Cats Eye stone is considered as full of enthusiasm with immense energy. It has several amazing benefits for the person who wears this gemstone according to an Indian astrologer. It is believed that this gemstone is the birthstone of June month. The cost of this gemstone is less as compared to other gemstones such as sapphire, diamond, etc.


Advantages of wearing Cat's eye gemstone:


  1. This gemstone is also used to revive the wearer from misfortunes.
  2. The Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone Brings wealth to a human's life that helps a person to remain healthy and active so that his mind works in all ups and downs with full attention giving him a consciousness of his surroundings.
  3. This Cats Eye Gemstone is also considered as the symbol of good luck so that you can work in all phases of life with a positive hope such as business, relationship, and any other matter.
  4. This cat's eye gemstone is believed to restart the closed business. In other words, we can say It has the capacity to reinstate a closed business.
  5. This gemstone is also considered the favorite choice of gamblers as it is one of the only gemstones that brings good luck in the wearer's life.
  6. This cat's eye gemstone is also promoted to take risks and if everything is going well in life then it will give you the best of it. 
  7. It turns all the negative situations into positive situations. 


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