What is Combination Gemstone Bracelets?

Jun 21


Desmo Boss

Desmo Boss

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Are you aware that there are beautiful natural gemstone bracelets which can be purchased for a few pounds and is perfect as beautiful gifts to your loved ones, and at affordable prices?


When we think of beautiful gemstone jewellery we conjure up in our mind an extremely beautiful natural gemstone beaded bracelet,What is Combination Gemstone Bracelets? Articles which is to the uninitiated, round shaped and sometimes facetted gemstones and created with genuine sterling silver findings.

The combination of natural beaded gemstone bracelets with sterling silver is a beautiful sight to behold, but can be very expensive because creating such beautiful sterling silver jewellery can not be mass produced, so the only way to created such a beautiful masterpiece is to be created by hand – hand made, which in reality creating by hand requires specialised jewellers tools and a vast amount of jewellery expertise.

An althernative to buying a beautiful sterling silver gemstone bracelet is to buy either elasticated gemstone beaded bracelet which still is created with high quality natural gemstones and because the elasticated gemstone beaded bracelet is not created with sterling silver findings, they can be bought at very affordable prices.

When buying elasticated gemstone bracelets you will have an option of buying a different type of elasticated gemstone bracelets and these are called combination or combi gemstone bracelets, which means that the gemstone pieces are a combination of multi shaped pieces of natural gemstones, which fits like a puzzle miraculously into the shape of a gemstone bracelet, again because of the odd shapes of the individual pieces of gemstones must be strung by elasticated elastic.

The combination or combi gemstone bracelets are as beautiful as the best beaded gemstone bracelets, although tends to be offered for sale at a lower cost, because the combi gemstone bracelets can be hand tied very quickly and generally requires no specialised gemstone jewellery tools, or expert sterling silver beaded gemstone jewellery knowledge or experience.

Beautiful high quality combination or combi gemstone bracelets can be purchased for a few pounds + Postage, within the UK, and the key advantage of buying your gemstone jewellery in the UK is there is no Import, Customs or Import Postal Charges which is now charged on all imported jewellery items.