Cake Types Throughout History

May 13


Pramod Sharma P

Pramod Sharma P

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Cakes have been used since ancient time at religious ceremonies and festivals. The cakes were very different from what we know today. They were more bread like and sweetened with honey instead of sugar. People used to put dry fruits in them and they were a privilege of the rich only. Modern day cakes arrived on the scene only in the mid 19th century.


Cakes have undergone a lot of changes throughout the course of time. Prehistoric people learnt to bake cakes as soon as they discovered flour but the first cakes were very different from what we know today. Leaving aside Neolithic men,Cake Types Throughout History Articles the first culture to have a semblance of advanced baking skills were the Egyptians. Their cakes were still bread-like though and sweetened with honey instead of sugar. The Egyptians also used to add nuts and dried fruits to their cakes. These ancient breads and cakes were made from dough fashioned into round balls by hand and baked on hearthstones, griddles or in low and shallow pans. The precursors of modern cakes are considered to have been first baked in Europe somewhere in the middle of the seventeenth century. The cakes from this time still and often contained dried fruits such as raisins, currants and citrons. European bakers in the Medieval Ages often made fruitcakes and gingerbread which could last for many months.

The cakes as we know it today arrive only in the middle of the 19th century with the availability of extra refined white flour and baking powder. Cakes were also a privilege of the rich and upper class only due to the high cost of production and shortage of ingredients. Today cakes are enjoyed by everyone and all as they are no longer costly and expensive. And in today's world, people traditionally serve cakes at am number of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, and festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving. The tradition of eating cake on ceremonial occasions has its origins in ancient ritual. People have used cakes at all sorts of ceremonial occasions throughout history. They were made as offerings to gods and spirits, and the round shapes were symbolic of Natural Cycles. The Chinese celebrated their harvest moon festival with cakes shaped like the moon in honor of their lunar goddess while the Slavs made round cakes to celebrate the spring sun. The ancient Celts celebrated the spring festival Beltane by rolling cakes down a hill to imitate solar movement and Agricultural societies around the world made offerings of cakes prepared from the grains and fruits that they have cultivated.

With their close ties and association with human culture and history, cakes have remained a favorite food item for millions all over the world. Cakes are now served in restaurants, dinner tables at homes and ceremonial occasions. Cakes are so loved and preferred by all that they have now become popular gift items too. A gift of cakes is integral to many occasions and they are also welcome anytime and any day of the year. Nowadays cakes can ordered easily online and have it delivered in quick time. One can arrange for a Cake Delivery Dubai or any other destinations in the UAE from any part of the world. Cake gifts also can be personalized with a choice of one’s favorite flowers through various online Flower Delivery Dubai services.