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This article is about cash gifting marketing with blogging. Blogging is considered one of the best ways to attract attention online to any business, and cash gifting is not an exception...

Blogging is a great cash gifting marketing strategy and a GREAT way to increase traffic to your cash gifting web-site while creating a trust relationship with your readers. The ultimate goal of your blog should be to increase visibility of your web-site,Guest Posting NOT to sell products or services. This is VERY IMPORTANT to remember! While you could do a very "soft sell" in your press releases, if you try to "plug in" a sales pitch in the middle of your blog, at the very least, the readers will be put off and leave and at the worst they will flag your blog as spam or inappropriate content. On the other hand, if you provide quality content, a vast majority of your readers will repay you by checking out your opportunity.

The other major added bonus of posting blogs is that they create back links to your web-site. More blogs = higher position in the Google and Yahoo! Search engines.

How can you attract prospects without overtly "selling" them the idea of cash gifting? No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. The key is to write your blog in a way that doesn't aggressively "sell", but "helps" the prospects make the decision in favor of joining your cash gifting team.

1. Start with key phrases

Use your keyword research tool of choice to find the absolute best key phrases and make a separate Word document, listing all of them. Now, analyze your key phrases. What is the person who is searching for "cash gifting marketing for free" looking for? How about the seeker of "the easiest way to make money online"? You get the picture. Pick a key phrase and figure out what's going to satisfy the needs of people who are searching for that key phrase.

2. Create a catchy title

Write a title around your main key phrase. Remember not to aggressively "stick in" more then one key phrase per blog - otherwise you could end up with something that showed up high in the search engines, but turned off everyone that ever looked at it.

3. Don't write a very short blog. Don't write a really long one either.

The ideal length of a blog entry is about 500-850 characters. That's about ¾ of a Microsoft Word page to 1,5 Word pages. I have made the mistake of creating very long blogs in my early cash gifting marketing days, and I can honestly say it wasn't worth it. Most people have very short attention span when they're on the Internet, so even if you're providing extremely useful information, most prospects won't have enough patience to "sit through it".

4. Don't use your link too many times.

There are a couple of good reasons why you don't want to plaster your link all over your blog. First, some blog sites will flag and delete your blog if it sounds overly promotional. Second, regular blog readers keep a keen eye out for spam. Anything that sounds "spammy" will be flagged. Trust me you don't want to go through the frustration of putting your efforts into writing a really good blog just to find it wiped off the Net hours later.

5. Use A Resource Box To "Pitch" Yourself.

It's a good strategy to create what's called a resource box and put it at the bottom of your blog. Resource boxes are mainly used in article writing, but they are good for blogs as well. They provide a brief bio of the author/info about the company and links to where the reader can get more information. That's where you would put information about yourself + all of your links.

The idea here is to entice your reader into clicking on your link. How do you do that? By writing a blog that's "missing something" and providing the "missing link" in your resource box. VERY IMPORTANT!

Let's say you're writing about marketing cash gifting for "dummies" - new Internet users (not meant as an insult). Provide some valuable, but fairly general advice in the body of your blog; make them feel like they will need a lot more information in order to be successful. Then write something along these lines in your resource box:

Jo Shmoe is a cash gifting marketer that specializes in working with people who are completely new to cash gifting. He provides extensive, highly effective training and exclusive tips to his team of online biz rookies, many of which had gone on to become great Internet marketing experts...

A person who wants to be successful at cash gifting, but doesn't know how, will jump on the opportunity to check out your website after reading this short blurb!

6. Don't Copy Other People's Content!

First and foremost, writing blogs is a great way for you to polish your marketing chops. You brainstorm for things to write about and you come up with great ideas on the way. If you just rip off someone else's work, you learn nothing! Also, search engines HATE duplicate content, so you're basically spinning your wheels as far as search engine placement when you copy other people's blogs.

7. Let Your Personality Shine Through!

Now that you know about some technical aspects of writing a good blog, it's time to switch into your creative mode. Have fun! Write with personality! Just be yourself and convey your knowledge to others in an easy-to-read, conversational language. Trust me, people WILL appreciate your sincerity.

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