Extremely Effective Internet Network Marketing Using Forums

Aug 4


Jacob Hyten

Jacob Hyten

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Learn to use a very effective free method to promote your opportunity using highly targeted internet forums. Learn step by step what and how to do it.


Marketing in forums can be a great place to promote your opportunity but if done incorrectly can ruin your reputation and credibility. These forums are meeting grounds for highly targeted prospects that are all there for the same reason with the same goals in mind. Imagine walking into a room with thousands of people ALL interested in the same thing!

Let's list some of the benefits of using forums to market:

• Highly targeted prospects

• Making connections with goal oriented and professional people

• You can learn while contributing to the community

• Your posts remain over time and gradually increase exposure

• People that already understand mlm are seeing your message

With forum marketing you will not get outrageous traffic but contributing to a forum and making a post takes at most a couple of minutes. If you were to spend 20 minutes per day posting to 5 or 6 forums and you were to receive 5,Extremely Effective Internet Network Marketing Using Forums Articles 10 or even 20 visitors this would be well worth it.

The great part about this is that those 10 or 15 visitors are HIGHLY TARGETED visitors. They understand network marketing, they don't need convincing and they may even be already skilled so if they do happen to join your opportunity will already be ready to go!

The most important part of forum marketing is something called your "signature box". This is just basically a short little message that goes at the bottom of every single one of your posts and is automatically inserted because you set it up in your profile. Please email me or do a search on google for my article on creating a KILLER signature.

Lets talk about the DO NOTs when it comes to forum marketing:

• DO NOT post random posts just so people can see your signature box

• ONLY post when you genuinely have something of value to add

• DO NOT directly promote your opportunity in your posts

If you do these things people will know what you are doing and your credibility will be ruined and even if you do start contributing people will not take you seriously.

OK! So now for the good stuff! Let's get into exactly what to do.

First of all, finding forums is pretty easy. Since we are in the network marketing industry we can simply go to google and type in "network marketing" + "forums". Typing it in like this makes sure that the exact words come up. Don't stop there though you can try other forums such as "MLM" + "Forums" and not only people in mlm forums are looking for opportunities! There are MANY other forums you can become a part of such as money forums or home business forums. You need to do your own testing and see what gives you the biggest response. But for now start with the network marketing and mlm forums. Also make sure there is activity In the forum. If there are only 100 members and nobody has posted for a month or two don't even waste your time.

So how do you set up your signature box? Well let's talk about "what" to put in your signature box. Exactly what you write in your signature box depends to a large degree what type of opportunity you are promoting. You need to address a concern that people have. For example let me just tell you an example of how I teach our team at Joblessjake to write our signature boxes. Our team addresses the concern of many newbie online marketers needing help because they are confused, overloaded with information, tired of joining program after program only to find they still don't know what the heck to do! So when new team members get started on our team we give them step by step 1on1 mentoring to MAKE SURE they make money. They even get access to my cell phone, email and IM! So our team writes our signature boxes around this distinct advantage we offer. So what you must do is find something unique that you or your company or team offers and write a creative message in your signature box that makes people want to click on your link!

Here is an example signature box just so you can get an idea of what one would look like: "Let our company help you build your downline! Get paid 5 different ways… from your efforts, your uplines efforts, your team AND your companies efforts!" >> Details Here

This is a very rough draft and I just made it up in my mind right now. You need to think of something unique you or our company does and write your own.

So here are your action steps:

1. Find 5 or 6 forums pertaining to MLM or network marketing and join them

2. Make at least one post per day in each forum (20 minutes per day)

3. Make your signature box and test different ones to get better results

The most important thing is to test things on your own and try new ideas. Our team uses a method when using forums to make their post one of the most popular posts so that literally EVERYONE in the forum is participating in their post and thousands see their signature box. I hope this was helpful and please email me if you have any questions at all! Good luck out there!