Alvin Phangs Atomic Blogging Review

Aug 14


Jacob Hyten

Jacob Hyten

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The thing that I almost could not stand about this was Alvins Voice. Sometimes I had to rewind it just to make sure I heard it correctly. The other thing was at the beginning of some of the videos the sound quality was horrible and this crazy loud bell came on and I was thinking "Now what the heck was...


I purchased Alvin Phangs Atomic Blogging a few months ago and never was really able to get to it because I had so many other things going on.

Due to the growth of our team and business,Alvin Phangs Atomic Blogging Review Articles doing conference calls a million times per day or taking 1 on 1 calls for the exact same question 10 times a day was not the best way to help people or the best way to be of service to my team.

So out of pure necessity I needed to create this blog as a place to send new people to be trained and get information to help them become successful among other things. That way everyone has the same opportunity to learn and grow.

First of all let me tell you what I almost could not stand the most about this product. The darned accent. I think Alvin Phang is from Singapore and the accent is so heavy there were parts where I had to literally replay a certain part 2-3 times just to make sure I understood what I was saying. But it wasn't so bad to where I couldn't understand it was just very annoying.

Oh and speaking of annoying. When you first open the videos there is this crazy bell that is really loud and annoying and I remember thinking to myself "Now what in the world is the point of that? Some secret Jedi subliminal sales technique?"

The second thing, and this is weird because I think this was something I did not like but I think most people would probably like this. There was SO much information that sometimes I got lost in it and got information overload and stopped working. Lol. I know that sounds funny but its part of my personality that when I am learning TOO much I take no action and wait a while to get back to it. So it actually took me a long time to get just through the basics on this program.

Ok, with that being said here is the great part. My team blog is only about 2 weeks old! And I think it looks pretty darned nice and this is just the beginning. I haven't even applied everything I've learned.

The two things I liked best about this product was the fact that I knew NOTHING about any of this till I bought his program and it took me step by step how to do exactly everything. Literally there were NO missing parts. The second thing is he introduces some revolutionary ingenious techniques to drive MASSIVE traffic to your blog.

Now, this was not my original intention because my blog was created just for my teamates to be trained and get special information on how to make money but I can see where this will come in hand when I have more time to work on it.

Here is an overview of what comes with this package:

Video 1: Introduction - getting started

Video 2: Master the Basics - what is internet marketing, blog vs. website, 5 steps to online success, keyword research, migrating blog, merchant account, autoresponder setup

Video 3: Lay Strong Foundations - Writing in blog, plugins, installing adsense, installing templates, blog seo, adding pages, changing sidebar, add feedburner

V ideo 4: Power Up Your Traffic - Ways to get traffic, why article marketing, what are backlinks, how it works, the article title, the resource box, seo with articles, buying articles, article directories, case study, demos

Video 5: Power Up Your Traffic 2 - Forums, signatures, benefits, look out for, live demos

There are also 2 bonus books one of them is good the other one stinks.

There is also software you get that if you search for it on google is actually selling for betweeon $20 and $40 which is pretty cool!

There are also workbooks to print out with action steps to take with notes. This part was VERY valuable because I find that sometimes just watching it on a video you are less likely to learn everything and go out and apply it. With these workbooks the steps were right in front of you and made it much easier.

There is also about a dozen other resources you get such as templates, plugins, workbooks, books and audios. It is just too much to list here.

Something that made me really like this guy is almost every time he sends me an email the stuff is free that he has added onto his program. Usually when you get an email from someone where you just bought something its an advertisement telling you that what you bought isn't good enough and to "really make it big" you need to buy the next biggest thing that he's selling. You all know what I mean right!

But not here, I've received dozens of stuff that are part of his program that he legitimately could have sold but gives for free when he comes up with a new idea or a new plugin or a new video.

So overall besides the voice and annoying bell I would say this is a perfect product for a new person or someone a little more advanced that knows all about blogging but just doesn't know the EXACT step by step formula for making money with it.

Hope this helps!