Pull In FREE MLM Leads With A Killer Signature

Aug 8


Jacob Hyten

Jacob Hyten

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Generate free mlm leads with a killer signature that gets clicks from targeted prospects. Your signature is responsible for developing interest in your business. Find out how to get the most from it here.


A signature box also known as a resource box is a short 4-6 line signature that contains your details. It's like a mini advertisement of you. These signature boxes can be located at the bottom of articles,Pull In FREE MLM Leads With A Killer Signature Articles forum posts and even your emails that you send out. It's free advertising so it should be used wherever allowed.

Follow these 3 important rules when writing and using your signature box

1. DO NOT outright sell your product or opportunity

2. Make sure you provide a link to your website

3. Test using the word "FREE" vs. not using it to see what generates better results

4. Create your signature box around a problem people are having and your solution to it... BENEFITS

Let's go into these in more detail.

You will need to test using the word FREE vs. not using it to see what kind of results you get. In my opinion and experience they both can be effective. There is debate about both. On one side your only goal is to get them to opt in so you can have their information to follow up with them. The other side is that it's all about attraction and who you are attracting. There are a lot of freebie seekers out there that do not take action and are just looking for a bunch of free stuff and are not willing to invest in themselves by buying a product that will help them make money. Obviously you do not want this type of person.

I think they both have their place and what you need to do is test for yourself to see what is most effective.

More important than any of that is that your signature box gets a click. If you can find a problem people are having and you have a solution to that problem people will follow your signature link to find out more information.

For example lets look at two signature boxes:

"Get traffic from forum marketing" OR "How would you like FREE targeted traffic by utilizing forum marketing? Click here to learn an extremely effective method for getting highly targeted traffic FREE using our technique just 10 minutes per day!"

Ok, I'm sure its obvious which one will pull more clicks right? I think we can all see the problem with the first signature. The funny thing is that this one is pretty bad but I've seen quite a few that are that bad or worse. And what would be worse than that is putting ONLY your link in your signature box. Why would someone want to click it? NEVER do that. And NEVER do the example above either now that you've read this.

So lets talk about why the second one is so much better. First of all it is addressing a problem. Everyone is searching for ways to get traffic especially targeted traffic. So right off the bat you are addressing a problem everyone has. Second you are providing a solution to that problem telling them they can get FREE traffic by using forum marketing 10 minutes per day.

Remember to test and keep testing. Things are ALWAYS changing online one thing is not going to work forever all the time. Mold with the market if something stops working or isn't working change it a little till you get results.

Last thing, your signature box is the way you develop interest in your business. Your signature should be EVERYWHERE! Lets say you pass out a business card because someone asked what you do for a living. Most peoples business card just has their name, phone number, website and email. What good is any of that. If you look at a business card like that you don't think to yourself "oh man, I need to go visit this website!" Why not? Well it goes back to the benefits we were talking about above.

BUT... lets do a little experiment here. Lets pretend you were walking down the street and you picked up two business cards. They both had name, email, phone, website address. They were identical EXCEPT one thing. On one of the cards at the very bottom said "Learn how to make $1,200 over and over on the internet every day. Go here www.example.com"

I hope you see what I am getting at. Now even that above isn't that great because I just thought of it. I'm sure with a little time we could think of something even MORE effective.

So my point is how important your benefit statement is and to put your signature everywhere. If you have business cards put it there, put it at the bottom of every article you write (obviously), put it at the bottom of your regular email accounts not just your business ones. What if you had your signature box at the bottom of your personal email account and you email a joke to your brother in law John and John forwards it to all his friends because she thinks it is so funny and one of those people sees your signature clicks on your link, joins your business and becomes or recruits your next superstar!

You better be getting this. This is some good stuff here!

Oh sorry one last thing. Don't forget to include your signature in forums you belong to that have nothing to do with your business. For example I've belonged to a corvette forum forever because I own a corvette and for months and months my signature just had the details of my car and things I've done to it. Oooops! So I kept those details but also added "learn how to make $1,200 on the internet over and over every day residually even if you have no internet marketing experience!" Guess what? I still post in that forum like normal, interacting with members and this brings me a few clicks per week. All FREE!

Also here is another great way to develop great signatures. Scan forums, articles and anywhere else there are signatures and look at the ones that get your attention. Find signatures you know are working. Look at the gurus signature. You KNOW theirs are working. Copy it and just mold it to your business.

I am going to tell you guys something, something very important about network marketing. And I repeat this all the time. Success in network marketing is about duplication. It is about doing what is already being done by the successful ones. Do not go out and reinvent the wheel. If someone has a signature box that you know is working take it and just apply it to your business.

The person with the fastest copy machine in network marketing wins! Remember that.

Good Luck Out There Everyone!