Let RSS & Blogging Show You The Money

Oct 31


Titus Hoskins

Titus Hoskins

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Recent developments in Internet marketing are changing how marketers operate on the web. RSS, Blogging and Video have exploded in recent months; changing everything. Discover why RSS and Blogging have become vital marketing tools for savvy online marketers who get it!

If you have been following all the latest developments in Internet marketing you will have discovered a few things. Recent trends are proving to be very lucrative for those savvy marketers who are taking advantage of these new changes.

First,Let RSS & Blogging Show You The Money Articles video is popping up everywhere: on websites, in sales letters, in testimonials and in training manuals. Google (reluctant beacon of all things net) is making its move on video in a big way by videotizing their ads and by snatching up YouTube for a Billion and some change.

Second, if you have placed a blog and RSS feed on your own website, your stats will show you that blogging is an excellent source of traffic. RSS is a simple way to get your content on the web - including your videos and podcasts.

RSS and Blogging are propelling the social networks which are burning up the web and video is only adding fuel to the fire. YouTube and MySpace barely cracks the surface of the online community building fury that's revving up the web. Social networking fulfils our need to be connected in a very unconnected world.

Our need to be a part of a group is universal. RSS and Blogging are the tools that make this connection possible. We can keep in touch and connected to the groups or subjects that interest us the most. We feel a part of the group. We feel connected. We feel organized. We feel important.

These social networking sites are excellent places to build good-will and trust among its users. They are also great places to market or pitch new products as many online marketers have discovered.

One has to wonder just how the new RSS powered version of Windows (Vista) will impact social networking sites like MySpace? Will it explode the already strong interest in Blogging to make it the dominant form of communication on the web? Will RSS become the dominant means of connecting all the dots?Regardless of how all this plays out, RSS and Blogging are already an online marketer's dream come true. Web marketers are taking full advantage of this medium within a medium, just look at the number of marketers who have started blogs such as Neil Shearing, John Reese... Marlon Sanders has even started his own MySpace site!Can you remember a recent launch of any major Internet product within the last year or so that DIDN'T have a blog attached to it. From Andy Jenkins & Brad Fallon's "Stomping the Search Engines" to Brad Callen's "Keyword Elite" to Joel Comm's "Instant Adsense Templates."In a similar light, can you think of any major launch that did not have video as an important feature in its marketing. Joel Comm even used a video on YouTube to get his Google Adsense points across.

Why is RSS and Blogging so important to these marketers? Why have they become essential tools no online marketer can ignore? Why are they so important?The answer is quite simple and obvious. It all relates to keywords. As you probably already know keywords are the exact words or phrases surfers type into search engines to find what they're looking for on the web. Keywords powers the web. Keywords powers much of the online marketing on the net. All this buying and selling are connected to keywords in one way or another.

RSS and Blogging have an automatic keyword system built into its operating structure. It comes preloaded with the means to take full advantage of keywords and keyword marketing. The whole system is run by tags or categories. These tags or categories are recognized by the search engines as keywords.

So if you use a popular free blogging software like WordPress, you will have a simple way to create keyword targeted content within seconds. Targeted keyword content that can also be syndicated around the web instantly. Build a whole blog of related keyword content and you will have created a powerful online marketing system.

Marketers are taking advantage of RSS and Blogging for this reason. It is a quick and simple way of dominating a niche area and ranking high for the popular and lucrative keywords in their niche or industry. The advent of video has made these blogs and feeds much more accessible to a larger audience or marketplace.

Once these marketers have gained dominance for popular keywords in their niche, they can convert or monetize this traffic in countless ways: selling their own products, building their lists or using Google Adsense and affiliate links. For these savvy online marketers it can be a very lucrative and profitable system.

RSS and Blogging has indeed shown them the money!

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