Make Your Migration to Volusion Quick and Effortless

Jun 3


Martin Wann

Martin Wann

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These days e-merchants often experience a problem of migration from one shopping cart to another. This issue is commonly related to growth of your store, as a result current eCommerce solution becomes too small for all your data. If you're one of those shop owners who wishes to change his or her platform to Volusion, this article is for you!

Let’s start from the very beginning and think about what is Volusion and list its important advantages.  there are more than 40 000 proprietors of Volusion stores. It has simple store management which means you don’t need any programming background. Talking about design tools,Make Your Migration to Volusion Quick and Effortless Articles Volusion has both user friendly mode and access to CSS and HTML data. As a result shopkeepers have total control over storefront look. Promotional instruments consist of numerous SEO instruments, coupons and discounts, ability to add YouTube videos directly to sociall networks. So let’s keep it short and simple: Volusion has all the things you need to make your Internet store profitable.
So, you’ve decided to move all your information from your present shop to Volusion. But what is the most painless and effortless option?
First you might think about transferring your information with the help of .csv file. Though,  to understand that your current shopping cart and Volusion may have different ways of saving info. It means that you will possibly experience info loss and/or duplications while export/import operations. In this case, you'llt most likely have to spend some considerable amount of time to fix all the inconsistencies.
The second option to take into consideration is to retain the services of a freelancer. Experienced specialist will do everything for you. This resolution has one big disadvantage - it's rather expensive. Is this way out  also inappropriate?
There is last one resolution. It's known as Cart2Cart. With its help, you are going to transfer all your information effortlessly and quickly. The process is totally automated, which means you don’t require any programming competencies. Furthermore, you don’t have to download any software. Whilst using Cart2Cart, you will transfer your products, customers and orders effortlessly. The cost of migration will depend on amount of entities you have to mover and starts with 49$. Moreover, you will be able to use totally free Demo migration. Using it you will evaluate all the advantages of this on-line service and be sure it really saves your time and funds.
Now you already know how to migrate from your present shopping cart to Volusion. It's up to you what technique to select in order to satisfy your demands and make your shop far more prosperous.

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