Network Marketing Now - The Rise and Fall of a New MLM Superstar

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As a network marketer, you dream of sponsoring that one heavy hitter who can help take your business to the top. Learn how one unlikely MLM distributor did just that, and the one thing he wouldn't do that led to his failure.

Every network marketer hopes someday to sponsor a heavy hitter who can propel their business forward and start making dreams come true. We all keep our fingers crossed that one day it will happen. If this did happen to you,Guest Posting would you be ready?

I once knew a man who did just that. He was a great guy, and everyone liked him. I will call him James. This is not really his name. I would not want to embarrass this guy, because to this day he is still involved in MLM and network marketing online.

James was known for his rather "diversified" approach to MLM. He delighted in joining just about every opportunity he could find, and promoted all of them at the same time. I once saw an advertisement he posted online. He listed ten businesses he was involved with, and said "Pick one you like and join me on the road to riches". Really. Can you imagine?

At this time, I was involved with a network marketing business. My upline was a very well known "heavy hitter" in the industry. I won't reveal his name, but this man is still very much on top of the MLM world and is wealthy many times over. The business we were in folded and shut the doors one Friday evening, which left the heavy hitter with a dilemma. He had to pick up a new opportunity and keep his downline together.

This is where James entered the picture. He was also in the downline of this heavy hitter. Since James was enrolled in almost every known MLM program, this is no surprise. Anyway, he saw an opportunity and decided to send the heavy hitter some information about one of his opportunities. This network marketing opportunity was built around an established, respected company with proven products.

The heavy hitter thought the opportunity was great. He decided to sign up and had the courtesy to sign up with James, who was the first to contact him about it. Within a few days, James had hundreds of new distributors in his downline, with more coming in every day. This guy had found a pot of gold that could turn his life and business fortunes around.

The sad part of this story begins here. James decided to continue promoting all his businesses, just as before. This was a man with limited time (he had a full-time job) and resources. He continued to promote many different business opportunities, and chose not to focus his time with the opportunity that would make him rich.

People upline and downline to James were concerned, and tried to help him. After all, how often does an opportunity come along like this? How often do you sponsor one of the top leaders in network marketing into your group? Even the heavy hitter became involved and tried to help, but for reasons unknown, James did not respond.

In the end, James failed to make minimum qualifications and let the business go. All he had to do was focus on this one business, because making the qualifications and benefiting from the heavy hitter's efforts wasn't that hard.

How could a man who believed in MLM and network marketing get a break like this and let it go? I believe, with James, that the joy was in the chase. If he stumbled on something hot and had success, he would soon lose interest and start pursuing the next big thing.

A few months after this happened, I received an email from James. He was promoting some new MLM opportunity he found that sold "organic worm poop". In the email, he invited me to join this one "just for fun". How sad. This man had it all going his way and continued to join and promote every junky MLM business he could find. This is a true story - it really happened.

Don't let this happen to you. Don't be an MLM junkie. Find and focus on one good business. Consider this. If someone like James was able to find and sponsor an MLM heavy hitter, think how much better you could you do if you find and focus on one good network marketing business?

After the hot opportunity in worm poop, a few years went by. I didn't hear another word from James. Then, just a few months ago, I got a nice postcard in the mail. It was from James, inviting me to join a travel MLM. The message on the card was "Join me and travel the world - let's make money and get rich together".

Sure, James. Hold your breath, I'll be there in a minute.

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