Offer Customized Products with PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon by Knowband

Feb 3




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Boost your sales by selling customized and personalized products with Knowband's PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon.


Offering customers what they want can not only help you get more conversions on your online store but also can increase customer satisfaction. Knowband offers PrestaShop Product Customizer addon which integrates a Customizer section on your online store and allows the customers to design the products according to their desire and preferences. With the addon,Offer Customized Products with PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon by Knowband Articles the customers can add text, images, QR codes, stickers to the products and can also apply filters on the images.

With the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon, you can easily boost the sales and revenue of your eCommerce store and can retain your customers with your brand for a longer time. The addon provides the customers with a better shopping experience and designs the products according to their preferences. Let's take a look at all the features and benefits the extension offers.

Merchant Benefits of the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon:

  1. With the addon, you can offer what your customers really want. This way, you not only get more sales on your online store but also can satisfy your customers more.
  2. Knowband's PrestaShop Product Customization addon enhances the shopping experience of your customers by letting them add various attractive customizations and design the products according to their desire.
  3. The PrestaShop Product Customization addon helps you to make your customers more loyal to your brand by satisfying their needs and preferences.
  4. With the PrestaShop Custom Product Designer addon, the store owner can know better about the customers' wants and preferences. He can add more similar customizations to increase the sales of the online store after getting a better insight through the module.
  5. With the Knowband's Advanced Product Customizer module, the e-merchant can easily improve the customer engagement and average session duration by allowing the visitors and the customers to try various customizations and design the products.

Main Characteristics of the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon:

  1. The addon integrates a designer panel on the eCommerce website which can be accessed by clicking the Customization button on the product pages. The store admin can anytime activate or deactivate the addon from the back office.
  2. With the Product Personalization addon, the customers can add images, stickers, text, QR codes, apply filters, etc. The users can even upload new images on the desired products from the Customizer panel.
  3. Knowband's PrestaShop Custom Product Design module displays the customization cost and the final price of the product after the customizations on the designer panel. Online shoppers can check the total price and can increase or decrease customizations according to their budget.
  4. The Online Product Designer module offers multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility.
  5. The store owner can specify the customizable sides of the products from the back office of the Knowband's PrestaShop Extended Product Customization module. If he sets 2 customizable sides then the customers will be able to design both the front and backside of the product.

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