Start Selling Gift Cards on Your Online Store with OpenCart Gift Card extension by Knowband

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Sell attractive holiday-themed gift cards and boost the revenue of your eCommerce business with Knowband's OpenCart Gift Card extension.

Offering gift cards can not only be profitable to your eCommerce store but also help your customers with the best shopping experience on your online store. Gift Cards are loved by the customers as they don’t have to think and decide on a perfect gift for their loved ones and also the receiver of the gift cards gets the freedom to buy anything from the store.

With Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension,Guest Posting you can start selling gift cards on your online store and can earn a huge chunk of revenue, especially during the holidays. The extension adds a Gift Card panel on your eCommerce website and allows your online shoppers to buy and send personalized gift cards to their dear ones. With the OpenCart Gift Card extension, you can not only boost your store’s sales but also can gain new customers for your online business.

Advantages of Selling Gift Cards with the OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension:

1. The extension is the perfect choice if you want to boost the sales and revenue of your online store. The extension allows your customers to buy attractive gift cards that will increase your sales, especially during the holiday season.

2. With the Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card system, you can attract and gain new customers for your online business and can retain the existing ones.

3. The OpenCart Send Gift Card extension helps the e-merchant to promote the brand and increase the reach of the business just by selling gift cards on the online store.

4. Knowband’s OpenCart Gift module enhances the shopping experience of the customers and helps them retain the brand for a longer time.

Salient Features of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension:

1. With the extension, the store owner can add a Gift Card button to various locations of the website including the Header, Footer, My Account section, and at the left side of the web pages. After clicking on this button, the online shoppers will be redirected directly to the Gift Card section.

2. Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Cards module offers ready-made templates for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Halloween, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc. These templates can be customized from the admin panel.

3. The store owner can create an ‘N’ number of new templates with the Gift Card Module for OpenCart by using ready-made images or by uploading new personalized images. The extension also allows your customers to upload new personalized images on the gift cards while purchasing them.

4. With the Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension, the owner of the store can easily check all the tracked orders in the back office that are received through gift cards.

5. The OpenCart Gift Card extension offers a user-friendly interface and can be easily integrated into your eCommerce store without involving any advanced technical efforts.

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