The Development History of Chinese Jewelry

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The emergence and development of gold and silver has experienced a long history stage. The gold and silver in each period has its specific historical and cultural significance. Let's trace to the old years,Guest Posting to get a general understanding of the development trajectory. China has so far discovered in archaeological excavations that the earliest gold products can date back to Shang Dynasty, more than 3000 years ago. Since in the old days, people began to pursue beauty. That’s why today so many people undertake the business in jewelry making supplies wholesale

The prosperity and development of the craftsmanship in bronze, copper of the Shang and Zhou dynasties has laid a solid material and technical basis for gold and silver objects. At the same time, bronze, jade carvings, lacquer ware also promote its progress, making gold and silver crafts play in a wider area more diverse aesthetic function. Most of the products of the early days of the gold and silver ornaments, while the most common gold foil, mostly for trim or other utensils to enhance the beauty of the objects in the form of the combination and other artifacts.

In Tang Dynasty, gold and silver had made fairly great development. Many glittering and gleaming gold and silver crafts found in several recent decade became one of the magnificent, dazzling sign for the prosperous and flourishing Tang Dynasty. When you see a large number of gold and silver ornaments with rich class, chic style and exquisite shape, you will think of the vigorous and gorgeous Tang culture and the natural beauty. Although, those people who love antique purchase many pendants for jewelry making in order to create something ancient, it is difficult to reach a good effect.

In Song Dynasty, with the feudal city's prosperity and the development of the commodity economy, the gold and silver production industry flourished. A significant increase in the famous gold and silver jewelry was also a major feature of the gold and silver in the Song, and Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty, also posed a great influence. The crafts in the Song Dynasty made great innovation on the basis of Tang products, forming a new style with distinctive characteristics of the times. Though not as magnificent as Tang jewelry, however it also had a unique style of simple and elegance.
During Ming and Qing Dynasty, craftsmanship was much more delicate and exquisite. Influenced by other art, religion and culture, the jewelry in this period draw a lot from western countries; it is this absorption of multi-cultural and nutritional factors that gold and silver in the Qing Dynasty made an unprecedented process, thereby presenting imposing and colorful outlook unprecedented.
Throughout history, each era has its unique artistic style; this style both reflects aesthetic consciousness of that era and also demonstrates the mental outlook of the era.

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