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Whether you are a man, woman or child your chance of being attacked, robbed, molested or raped is one in five. Whether you’re a former military person, police officer or martial arts expert  you need the proper tools to defend yourself against surprise attack. However, do you really want to carry a lethal weapon and cause the death of someone?

There is a lot to think about when we talk about self-defense. The first issue is whether or not we want to be the cause of the death of an individual,Guest Posting and are we able to “pull the trigger”. We can boost about how tough we are, but when confronted, do we really want to kill someone. An experienced “bad guy” will count on your delay to take advantage of you and possibly take the gun or knife from your hand. Let us assume you don’t want to kill someone, and knowing that you might hesitate if you pull out a gun when being attacked. Now what?

There needs to be an effective non-lethal weapon that will stop an attacker immediately and cause no long term or permanent harm. Also this weapon needs to be small enough to conceal and carry with you at all times. Operation needs to be as simple as one maybe two steps to use it. Guns are very expensive, so we need something everyone can afford, and has very low maintenance. One never fits all, so we want this to be available in a variety of sizes and styles. W3 have just described the stun gun.

Today you can buy a stun gun that looks like a stun gun, cell phone, lipstick, flashlight or night stick. They can very large and very powerful, or very small, but still very effective. It up to the individual to choose the stun gun that fits their lifestyle. If the stun gun is for use in the house or bedroom, size and shape may not matter, but a flashlight could be handy. When going out to dinner maybe a stun gun that looks like lipstick or a cell phone would be more discreet.

Psychology we have to know we are not going to permanently harm our attacker, so we will use our stun gun without hesitation. The normal human emotion keeps you from killing someone that tries to do harm to you. It takes a tremendous amount of training to train a soldier or police officer to use deadly force when necessary in a timely manner. If our mind knows we are not going to permanently harm someone, then it has no problem directing our body to react in a timely fashion.

The battery in a stun gun is usually only 9 volts. To convert 9 volts to 1,000,000 volts or more the gun trades off any deadly amperage for voltage. In an electrical circuit it is the amperage that kills not the voltage. This high voltage low amperage shock will temporarily disable the electrical impulses in the attacker’s body causing temporary loss of motor skills and paralyze the attacker for a few seconds or minutes. When the initial shock wears off it takes a few minutes for the attacker to get their coordination back. Even if you are touching your attacker, you will not get shocked when they get shocked.

One of the greatest advantages of a stun gun is surprise. The attacker will never know it’s in your pocket, purse, briefcase or bag. When you pull it out and the attacker sees it, they might have second thoughts about attacking you. Pull the trigger and it’s not making contact with someone or something and the gun produces a bright and visible arc between the electrodes and makes a loud snapping noise. This alone may scare off the intruder or works well also to fend off an unfriendly dog.

The difference between 100,000 volt and 1,000,000 volt stun devices is the amount of time to disable your attacker. One million volts will probably stop a 165 pound man with one pull of the trigger for 1 second. There are people due to body mass or being high on drugs that will not be affected as easily, and that may be the reason you would want a higher voltage device.

You should carry of keep the device where you can get it quickly, and you should be familiar with the safety device that keeps it from discharging accidentally. When you use the device touch the first part of the person’s body or clothing you can reach, and don’t aim for a particular spot. Squeeze or push the trigger for 3 to 5 seconds and if the attacked doesn’t fall down, do it again. As soon as the attacker is disabled, run, don’t hang around. This is a defensive weapon designed to give you time to escape or seek help.

A stun gun will not cause a heart attack as it is designed to work on the skeletal muscles not the internal organs. This device is a defensive weapon, meaning don’t use it to scare intimidate or control someone. Use it with quickness and surprise to defend yourself. Stun Guns are not lethal, but they are not legal everywhere. Check your local laws to make sure you can buy, own and use the weapon legally in your area. Today these devices are not bulky and difficult to use. The lower voltage devices require loner use to be effective. A 3 to 5 second jolt from a 1,000,000 volt stun gun will stop just about any attacker of any size.       

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