What Sets Your Product Apart from Others Like It?

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Branding Yourself as the Expert Product Consultant.

Competition is a given in the marketplace. No matter how novel your product,Guest Posting you will have imitators springing up seemingly overnight. You must establish the differences between your product and that offered by your competition – this will help you to retain current customers and draw in new ones.

Remember that consumers have a lot of choices. You have to convince them of the merits of buying from you instead of from a competitor. Think about what your product offers that no one else’s does. Once you know what to say, make this a part of your marketing materials; this is an important message to get across to current and potential clients alike.

What features are included in your product, but not that of your competition?

Perhaps you are in the cosmetics business; maybe your products include a mirror in the lid of each case for easy application. If yours is a less tangible product, such as EBooks, you can include extras like checklists or top 10 ideas for whatever your chosen niche happens to be.

Think of the benefits which your product can offer to consumers. Will it make their lives easier in some way; will it perhaps save them time? Again using the example of cosmetics, you can go with the “all in one” angle, or sell kits which are already put together of common cosmetics. With EBooks and other digital products, you can sell customers on the point that your books are easy to read and can be adapted to a number of different uses.

Remember that price is one of the most important considerations in marketing any product. That said, most people are willing to pay a little more for a product which they feel is superior in quality. Before you price your product in an attempt to undercut the competition, consider your target market – are they willing to pay more a product which is perceived as having an added value? You can try selling your product at one price and if it doesn’t perform as well as expected, you can always lower it later.

Customer service is also something which will make not only your product, but your entire business stand out from the crowd. Your customers will feel appreciated if you make a habit of following up on all xorrespondence in a timely manner, giving them an added value with useful free information and the occasional customer appreciation event.

Setting your company apart from your competitors is a must for business success. Your product will soon come to build a reputation for itself. People will just know that your product is the best available and come to you without even considering your competition.

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