Where's My Package? How To Get Your Local UPS Phone Number

Oct 20


Rose Lee

Rose Lee

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Have you ever had something shipped to you by UPS and tracked it, only for it to get lost half-way? Here is the sure-fire way to find their phone number, contact them and get the problem resolved, without tearing your hair out.

Thanks to the internet we no longer need to worry about driving to the mall and dealing with surly shopping assistants to buy the things we want.

Now,Where's My Package? How To Get Your Local UPS Phone Number Articles all we need to worry about is delayed, lost and damaged goods that have been shipped from an online store to us via FedEX, DHL or UPS.

Ahh, progress.

While this is the exception, not the rule, and for the most part FedEX, DHL and UPS can get things to customers swiftly without damage from almost any corner of the globe those exceptions tend to be very trying times for everybody.

As a customer you want your package, you want answers, you even might want heads to roll.

You at least want to get in contact with someone at UPS to find out what is going on.

Here is how you can easily find an UPS telephone number, navigate the labyrinth that is their automated phone system and talk to customer service representatives so that you get the answers and results you need.

**Finding The UPS Telephone Number**

Looking for UPS phone numbers in the local white/yellow pages isn't your best option these days.

For one thing not everybody has a phone book, thanks to the ever-disappearing landline, and even then not all of the numbers are updated as fast as they should be.

Instead, your best option is to go online.

Your first port of call should in fact be Google, not the UPS website, as you'll be able to find the exact information you're looking for in one search.

* "UPS phone number"
* "local UPS phone number"
* "UPS telephone number"
* "UPS phone number for (put in the name of your town)"

There are also kind people like those who put together support.chinavasion.com who have compiled lists for you to remove much of the hard work.

Next you'll have to navigate your way through the automated phone system.

**Dealing With The UPS Automated Phone System**

What follows is an easy-to-follow guide to navigating phone systems.

A) Listen for an option that sounds related to the problem you want solved, if there's one dial it.

B) If there's not an option try one option at random and see if it will take you to the option that you want.

C) If steps A and/or B don't work (and you've just started going through the system) go back one step and try another option at random.

D) If steps A and/or B don't work and you've been going through the system for five minutes or more give up and choose the option that lets you talk to a person.

**Dealing With Customer Representatives **

If you've got through to a customer service representative congratulations first of all. However, you're not out of the woods yet.
Dealing with customer service representatives usually requires a little bit of preparation on your part.

Have the following things on-hand:

* Your tracking number
* The contents of the package
* The address it was being shipped to
* The address it was being shipped from
* The timeline of events as you remember them.

Another step that you might want to follow is to ensure that you 'check back' with the customer service representative the thing that they're asking you.

And that's it, by following those four steps you'll have the situation resolved in no time.