Why Dry Fruits are a Must on Your Plate?

Nov 18


Raj Arora

Raj Arora

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Dry fruits are good for your health. You do not have to eat a lot of these though. Just a handful every day is a good measure. You can buy different types of dry fruits in online grocery shops.


The Goodness of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits have been on the plate of our ancestors thousands of years back. The reason of their popularity is not difficult to understand. India with its hot climatic conditions has relatively a very short period when fruits appear on trees. Our ancestors found that a few of these fruits could be dried and eaten later,Why Dry Fruits are a Must on Your Plate? Articles when the weather is not so conducive as to nurture them on the trees. There are several kinds of dry fruits available and all of these have some great properties for your health and that of your family. These are also packed with energy and one can use them as high-calorie snacks. Some of them are rich in iron and are an ideal answer to your weight management problem. It is now possible for you to buy dry fruits online. Some of these available at leading online grocery stores in Noida include cashew nuts, raisins or kishmish as well as prunes.  

Why are Dry Fruits Healthy?

The main reason why dry fruits are healthy is that once these fruits are dried their nutrients get concentrated. At the same time the energy held within them are increased 6-10 times. The other major reason for their goodness is that when consumed during our colder months these dry fruits serve to heat our body and provide protection to it. Athletes under training use these for quickly replenishing their energy level especially after a rigorous workout. In most of the countries abroad the largest consumption of dry fruits is in plums and figs besides apples and pears, apricots and grapes as well as pineapple and dates. Generally speaking dry fruits are warehouses of magnesium and potassium. Only 100gm of dried fruit on an average contains 600-800mg of potassium while dry apricots contains as much as 1370.10 mg and dried bananas may contain even more, as much as 1490mg. Dry fruits are a rich source of iron, a perfect antioxidant and loaded with vitamins C and E besides beta carotene.

Prunes are Ideal for Weight Loss and Hypertension

According to the study by the University’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, the obese that ate prunes on a daily basis lost around 2kg within 12 weeks. These dry fruits are excellent source of energy but since it takes quite some time to digest, the person remains full. Since it is also full of fiber this is yet another reason for being able to help you in your fight against obesity. It also controls hypertension since 100gm of prunes contain 745mg of potassium. It treats hepatitis and osteoporosis, improves heart health, lowers cholesterol and is good for diabetics.

Raisins are Great for your Health

Raisins work as energy boosters since these are rich in natural sugars. They can therefore give you a boost of energy whenever you feel low. Raisins contain around 130 calories and 31 gm of carbs in every ¼ cup portion. They contain dietary fiber which is excellent for those that suffer from constipation. According to Nutrition Reviews you get 14gm of dietary fiber for every 1000 calories consumed. This works out to 28 gm daily when you follow a 2000 calorie diet. One ¼ cup of raisins will therefor give you around 2gm of dietary fiber. If you eat raisins daily you will be able to meet your requirement of iron which is 8mg for men and women who are over the age of 50 and 18mg daily for women who are in the childbearing age.