10 reasons why your child should attend a pre-school.

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Learning starts early. Pre schools are providing toddlers the right environment to nuture and guide them to a competitive world.

It is a well-acknowledged fact that education is integral to human growth. No society,Guest Posting race or civilization can steer on the paths of development without some sort of learning or education. In today’s world, formal education can be broadly classified into pre-schooling, primary, secondary and higher education. When we discuss about their respective importance, non can deny the fact that all are equally significant, including the Pre-schools, which even without being a part of formal education, are the most important stage of learning laying foundations of a stronger future.

But what make Pre-school that important?

But before moving ahead, let’s see what Pre-school stands for. Pre-school is a word with wider connotations. In India, it encompasses of Play School, Nursery and Kindergarten. In last few decades, these have become a necessary, though not mandatory precursor to Primary education which provides a kid with necessary exposure besides many other benefits.

Here are 10 main reasons why one should opt for Pre-school for kids:

Learning while having fun: Pre-school are still not considered and meant for academic teaching and learning. But the bouquet of activities conducted there gradually teach many things to the kids. In other word, kids learn a lot while having fun.

Getting accustomed to a routine: Pre-schools initiate kids to follow a routined, hence a regulated life. They learn to dress up for school, have their breakfast in time, come to the school at a designated time and sit and indulge in various activities for a fixed period. This routined life shapes their acts and thoughts, preparing them for challenges ahead.

Opportunity to socialize: Pre-schools are considered as the first social platform for kids. Here besides meeting, interacting and growing in their peer group, they also come across various individuals other than their parents. It gives them an opportunity to look at a world beyond the four walls of their houses.

Emotional and intellectual development: Mixing up with kids of same age at Pre-school, provides kids with necessary atmosphere to develop emotionally. At the same time, interaction with Pre-school instructors and Teachers enriches them and helps them in their intellectual growth.

Children forego dependence: The Pre-school environment facilitates a child to take some decisions on his own behalf, enhancing his decision-making capacities. Since parents are not present around, it gives him the necessary space to judge the situation and take a suitable decision.

Promotes skills: Many skills that are pre-requisite to higher education like language and cognitive skills, pre-math and literacy skills and motor skills are shaped up to a great extent during a kid’s Pre-school days. The basic structure and functioning of Pre-schools are devised to promote skill development in kids.

Builds trust among kids: A regular interaction with other kids at Pre-school gradually develops a sense of trust among kids, and they start mingling easily with others. This exposure to new set of people in very important which can’t be achieved while staying at home.

Builds a child’s curiosity: Child-like curiosity is always appreciated. And Pre-schools must be appreciated to nurture this curiosity among kids. Curiosity leads to asking more questions, seeking more answers, ultimately enlightening a young mind.  

Working couple’s trusted assistant: In a time, when both parents go out for work, a Pre-school plays a significant role in nurturing their child. It provides them playful ambience, rightful education and safe environment fulfilling a parents responsibilities to a great extent.

Provides quality time to kids: Researches say that since kids at Pre-school are exposed to a professional set-up, they tend to learn more of everything, viz, words, etiquettes, games, etc as compared to what they would have learnt at their respective homes.

Today, Pre-schools have carved a niche for themselves in the modern education system of India. And they are here to stay. K R Mangalam Play School is the perfect example of the necessity of Pre-schools. It has all the ingredients that’s necessary for a child’s holistic growth. The management has embedded it with all features to give parents a sense of satisfaction.

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