4 Steps To Take After Completing Your Research

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You pour your heart and soul into your research, but for what? The research paper that you write at university must mean something. It shouldn’t be just another article in the research journals left ignored and unattended until another student decides to use it as literature for their own research.


As a researcher,Guest Posting it is your responsibility to make sure that your investigations become publically recognised. You are ethically bound to publish your findings to the common people. Even though just thinking of the complications of the process may exhaust you, you should know that the results would be worth it in the end.

Get your group mates to sign a waiver for publication

If you conducted your research in a group, the first thing you need to do is take the consent from every group member for publishing the work. All your efforts will go down the drain if a single member decides to move away or lose contact with you. Hence, before you even turn in the work, make sure that you get everyone to sign a contract that gives each of you the right to get the paper published in a research journal or through an agency. You can ask your thesis advisor for the format of the written document, or you can talk to a lawyer to curate a formal agreement form.

Find a journal or an agency willing to publish your work

This step will be extremely time-consuming and disappointing. There aren’t many research journals that are willing to publish the work of students. However, you must not give up hope. Carry out extensive research to find research journals or websites that are willing to publish your research for you. If you find a credible and reliable source, then send them your work and wait for a response. However, you must know that this process can take years. So, do not give up!

Make changes, improve!

Once your paper is approved for publication, work with the agency. They might ask you to change certain aspects of your paper, such as the sample, the statistical analyses or the tools used to evaluate the data. At this stage, you cannot refuse their requirements. So, make the required changes and work on the paper diligently.

Blog about your work

As soon as your work gets published, make sure that the world knows about it. Increase your online presence. One way of doing this is by essay writing service UK blogs that feature your research. You can attach a link to your research article within your blog so more people can see it and read it.

Research is a long and exhausting process. However, once you are immersed in investigating a topic that you love and adore, it becomes relatively easier. Sure, you have to deal with a lot of numbers and stats, but at least you are making a difference in the world. So, make sure that you do your part and let your hard work be worth something!

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