5 Things to keep in mind for getting Driving License Online

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  • An applicant has to over the age of 16 years for a two-wheeler license and 18 years for four wheeler license.
  • Learning license holders can apply for a driving license online 30 days after the issue of their Learning license.
  • Learning license holders must apply for a driving license online within 6 months (180 days) of their Learner’s License being issued.



Things to keep in mind for getting Driving License Online


A driving license owns its benefits; having a driving license does not just indicate that you are allowed to run a vehicle on a public road. The driving license holder can use it as Identity proof or Proof of age. Public transportation is good,Guest Posting but the timing and routes can be Restrictions. Usually, It is time-consuming to travel by public transport, you can overcome these limitations by drive on your own. However, without a Driving license, it can be trouble for you.

We should keep in mind that having a license of one category is not allows us to drive all categories of vehicles. Like, A person who has a license to drive a two-wheeler cannot use that to drive the four-wheeler.


#1 How to Apply for a Learning License

If a person wants to apply for a driving license, a Learning license is a mandatory document for submitting your application for a permanent Driving license. The learning license is valid or effective for 180 days(6 months).

To apply for a learner's license, you can apply here or simply visit the RTO website. The Process for applying for a learners' license is different for each site; what you have to do is just read the general method given below.

· Spot on Google for the RTO website or portal of your state. Check for the online application of Learner's license services are available or not.

· While service is available, you have to follow the instructions. Mostly you are asked to fill up the form with some personal details. Like, family details and address, etc. Before submitting the form, it is necessary to upload some documents for Proof of age and address.

· Some websites allow you to select slot time and nearest RTO for Learner's license test. You have to pay for your application, and then you will get the mail of receipt. While you go for the exam, you have to carry that receipt.


#2 How to Pass an Online Exam?

It is necessary to clear the online test for issuing Learners a license.

The online test will be held in the RTO office. You will find questions related to traffic rules and regulations and reliable manners for driving.

while giving the leaner's license test:

· A person should reach the test venue at least half an hour before slot time.

· You have to present a confirmation slip and payslip before a test.

· You will have to face questions regarding traffic and driving skills. You need to answer at least 12 questions out of 20 questions to clear your test.

· If a person cannot clear the test, then one can appear for the test again after 7 days.


#3 Collect Required Documents for Driving License

After clearing the test, a person can apply for a Driving license after 30 days. Before a person applies for a Driving License, One should get ready with all required documents if a person uses AADHAAR verification on the RTO website to create an account for accessing personal details with verified AADHAAR UID. One does not need to bring a set of documents to applying for a Driving license.

List of Required Documents:

Application form (form 9)

A. Applicant's Learner's License.

B. Age proof

Birth Certificate


Pan card

Voting card

School matriculation certificate

Aadhaar Card

C. Address proof


Ration Card

Electricity bill/ Gas connection bill/ Water Bill

Aadhaar card

Insurance Policy

D. 3 Passport-sized photographs

E. Applicable Fees

F. Forms for license application:

Form 2

Form 1A

Form 5


#4 How to Apply for a Driving License

A Person becomes eligible after 30 days from obtaining Learner's License.

One can apply online or offline for a permanent driving license. To apply online For a Driving License, you can visit My Driving License or the Regional transport office websites with yourself.

Here is General instruction to apply online for Driving License.

a. Visit the RTO website and apply for a new license. Fill in appropriate details according to your documents into the form.

b. Attach asked Documents

c. Book Slot for Driving exam

d. Make payment for your application


#5 How to Pass the Practical Exam

After getting a Learning license, you can apply for a permanent Driving license within 30 to 180 days. You have to present all the required documents at a slotted time and exam venue. In the driving exam, they will ask you to drive on the track, and there they will ask you to park in parallel space, To Drive on an 8-shaped track and an S-shaped track in reverse. It would help if you had more practice to clear the practical driving exam; We suggest practicing more.

An applicant who cannot clear the practical driving test can appear again after 7 days.

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