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Are you facing challenges while learning english?Have a look.

English is one of the most popular language. Approximately 375 people make use of English and it is spoken in more than 50 countries. Many people prefer to learn English to save them secure jobs or to make the communication much easier with people from around the globe. It is considered as the language that unites people from around the world. It has helped people understand each other,Guest Posting and has been one of the reason of trade between different countries. Though the language is very popular, but it is not easy to learn it. There are many challenges faced by the people when they start learning English.

Under this article we will discuss various challenges that are faced by the people when they start learning and speaking English.


  1. Grammar-


English grammar is very complex, making it difficult to understand, master and use properly. It is very important to use it wisely because incorrect use of the language can completely alter the meaning of what you want to say. Ensuring it that you use the grammar properly can be very difficult especially when you are communication with someone who is speaking at a very fast pace. Learning grammarcan be very easy but making use of it while speaking can be very confusing. If you want to master its use, you need to practice it a lot.


  1. Vocabulary-


Vocabulary in English is very vast and this makes it a challenge to learn. It is not limited to just a few words. It has one of the biggest vocabulary of all existing languages. It is like a never-ending journey. In fact, there are always new words being added to the English dictionaries every month. One cannot learn all of them but can enhance their vocabulary by practicing regularly. If you make use of the vocabulary in an inappropriate manner, it can be easily noticed by a person whose first language is English. Thus, to enhance your English speaking and writing skills you need to learn as mu8ch vocabulary as you can.




  1. Pronunciation-


To get a proper knowledge of how to pronounce the words can be a very difficult task. As it is not always obvious, one can make mistakes in pronouncing the word properly. If you want to learn how to pronounce a word correctly you can make use of thesaurus and learn it easily. Though, if you do not practice it regularly you will never be able to make it throughout.


  1. Colloquialism and slangs-


Use of slangs and colloquialism by English speakers can be very challenging. Those who are new at learning and understanding the language find it very difficult to understand slangs used by the English speakers.


  1. Variations in the language-


The usage of English language can be formal as well as informal. Formal English is the language of the mass media, education, business, technology, science, etc. Informal English includes colloquial, slang and dialect use. It is very difficult to understand the variations that the language brings along.

To learn the language effectively it would be preferable to make use of English synonym dictionary along with general English dictionary. Moreover, if you practice the use of language regularly you will be able to master over it much easily.

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