Dramatically Improve Your Chances Of Surviving A 2012 Disaster

Apr 12


Justin Mountford

Justin Mountford

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Here's an easy preparation self assessment question: If you had only a few minutes before you were forced to leave your home, what would you grab? Could you survive? Find out a very easy way to significantly increase your chances of survival.


Disasters aren't just in the movies

If you're lucky,Dramatically Improve Your Chances Of Surviving A 2012 Disaster Articles the closet you've come to a major disaster is watching it on TV. Most of us have experienced severe storms, flooding and fire, however many of us have not experienced a full blown epic disaster first hand, and none of us really want to either. This, though, doesn't mean we shouldn't prepare for the worst.

It's not the disaster that you should be worried about, you should be worried about what happens if you survive!

Radiation, mystery planets, Aliens, economic collapse, solar flares, these are just some of the "doomsday" scenarios making their way around the popular media. Whether you believe in this or not, you have to agree that being prepared is far better than being caught off guard.

Easily improve your chances

The easiest and quickest way to prepare for a disaster is to have survival backpack packed and ready to go, or as the military call it "Bug Out". This is not a new concept, a bag prepared with survival essentials is a time tested way to give yourself an advantage in an unknown situation.

Used by Military and professionals the world over isn't it time you got started creating your own "bug out bag".

Enter the survival backpack

A good backpack should contain:

- Food and Water - Small separate containers to minimise leakage or total loss. Plan on at least 72 hours of supplies.

- Light and Communication - Flashlights and Am/Fm Radio with Batteries, try to get alternative powered devices where possible.

- Survival Sleeping Bags - These double as blankets and shelter, quip based on number of family members.

- Emergency Ponchos - These provide warmth and shelter for your family.

- Tools - Think about adding tools to your kit that re multi purpose.

- Hygiene and Sanitation - Often overlooked but critical. Add things like wipes and hand cleaners

- First Aid - Add basic first aid supplies to your kit

Build or buy

There are two ways to you can get started, buy or build. Experts agree that when you make your own survival bag you'll become more familiar with the contents, however there is nothing wrong with getting a pre made solution. It's a lot easier to get an all in one pack instead of buying each item separately.

Field testing

One of the best ways to discover if you're up to the challenge of "survival" is to go on a camping adventure with just your gear. While not for everyone one this is a really cool thing to do while testing out your stuff. This way you'll know how things work if you really need to use them.

Better than nothing

The main thing in a survival situation is that you can drink, eat, build a fire, take care of any medical emergencies and build a shelter. With a little practice and the right tools you'll have a few less things to be worried about.

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