Eligibility for MS in the USA for Indian Students

Oct 22




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Are you planning to pursue an MS degree from the US? Here is a complete guide to help you out.


A lot of students today prefer pursuing higher education from countries like the US. The population of international students in the country is constantly increasing at a rapid rate due to a plethora of reasons and MS in the USA still remains a popular choice amongst students. In this article,Eligibility for MS in the USA for Indian Students Articles we discuss the eligibility for MS in USA for Indian students.

 You must know all details about MS in US before you go about the application process. Here is a complete article on MS in US by Inspirus Education, Mumbai to help you out: https://www.inspiruseducation.com/ms-in-usa/

Eligibility for MS in USA for Indian Students:

Let's look at what an Indian student needs to keep in mind before applying to US universities for pursuing masters.



To be able to secure admission into a US university for an MS, you first need to appear an entrance exam. The exam that you’ll need to appear for is the GRE. GRE is an important prerequisite for MS in the USA, hence pay utmost attention to your GRE prep. The scores speak volumes about your intellectual ability and how efficiently suited you are for the course that you want to take up and the university you’re intending to get into. It becomes extremely detrimental for you to make sure that your scores are high enough or sufficient to get into your aspired university.

Another major point of eligibility is having proficiency in English. To prove the same, students who are planning to go to the US for their masters need to give either TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and get a good score that will make them eligible for university and college admissions. 


2) YEARS OF EDUCATIONMost US universities demand 16-years of education that includes 10 years of schooling + 2 years of junior college + 4 years of undergrad. This is the criterion that most American universities follow. Even though a majority of universities in the US require students to have completed 16 years of formal education, there are still a lot of universities that accept students who have had 15 years of education (15 years implying that a student has pursued a 3-year undergraduate degree). The criterion varies from university to university. However, if your dream university requires 16 years of education but you have had only 15, here’s what can be done:

  • Consider undertaking a bridge program that is offered by various universities. This will help to overcome the one-year shortfall. However, not all universities offer these bridge programs.
  • Another option is to pursue a 1 year full-time PG degree/ diploma from India itself and then pursue your MS in the US.



While a lot of students think that it suffices American universities' demands if you have written some research paper or thesis, US universities actually also require students to have some background or experience in the professional and practical world in the form of internships, jobs, etc. Although not mandatory, this can definitely be an added benefit.




Having a strong statement of purpose is important for your admission into American universities, as these universities look for intellectually strong students who will prove to be assets for their institution. Highlighting your area of interest, further goals, and inclinations, your achievements, extraordinary success achieved, all these statements work as determinants in the admission procedure.



Even though not overtly, but there are other eligibility criteria that play a part in determining a student’s admission into American universities. 

Some of these factors are: 

  • Number of research papers or projects that worked upon and their quality
  • Academic performance i.e CGPA
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Any letter of recommendations 
  • Academic transcripts


All these factors that prove your worth and your productivity are strong determinants that work as college admission eligibility criteria.

If you've done your undergraduate from the US itself, it might become a little easier for you to get admitted to American universities for pursuing your masters. Prior work experience from the same country might also be of some help in getting you admitted into American universities. Apart from your academic life and work experience, what really determines your selection to the university is your combined collective knowledge of the two and how well you're able to navigate through difficulties put forth. 

Now, let's look at why the US is considered to be a hub for international students.

    • Immense exposure: This becomes a chief reason for students to go abroad as it doesn't only increase their exposure but also improves the scope of availability of employment that comes as a result of a better quality of education.
    • Practical nature of education provided: Lots of genuine assignments and papers are given to students that take a lot of research work hence improving students’ expertise in their subjects.
    • Overflowing opportunities: Students get a tonne of opportunities to prove themselves staying away from home. They get to tackle real-life problems while keeping up with university life.


  • Commendable placement offers: With top-class education comes the best placement offers and job opportunities. 
  • Individuality and self-sustainability skills: Living away from home and managing various chores ranging from household to external is managed solely by students which make them self dependent and develops their individuality.


Now that you are aware of the eligibility for MS in the US for Indian students, are you ready to begin your applications?